Sunday, November 19, 2017


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           Monday, November 20, 2017 9:13 AM (Vanuatu)

hello friends. 
im sorry i didn't email for the past 2 weeks. some people were stupid and the email privilages for the whole zone got taken away. but! they have been given back! so here i am!!!!

as you can imagine a whole crud tonne of stuff happened these past two weeks. some highlights as they come to mind:

re uniting with old investigators! back in the day i worked this area for 4-5 months with my first child elder atuake. and now im back! but this time i have wheelz. so that makes everything fasteeerrrr!!! but also a lil more stressful cuz as zone leaders we get called on to do stuff all the time and we have a limit on how many km s we can use a month and it's just a little stressful. but it's kinda paradoxical seeing how many things have changed and many things have stayed exactly the same.. for example some of my former investigators who never really progressed were super happy to catch up with me! but still wont progress.. haha 

another really cool thing that happened. right before atuake and i got sent out of 1/2 of our area before we had just contacted this one family that was super stoked to hear the gospel but their house was supppeeerrr far from our house and without wheelzz it was really hard to go to them then pres sent us out and it was kinda sad... but! we came back and they(mama may and papa moli) are still super enthusiastic about the church! and now we're teaching them! and they feed us ridiculously good and ridiculously healthy island food everytime we go! because they live in the middle of a huge garden and ripe and delicious food is literally all around! 

zzzzooonnnneeeee conferenceeeeeee yep. we had a one day zone conference as as a newly assigned zone leader i had a large part to play to make sure all the missionaries were where they were supposed to be. and everything was set up and conducting the program.... ect. but it was great! and at the end of the night dropping president and sister granger off at their hotel, they were quite generous with their appreciation for the work that we did. which is odd for me. but all in all setting up and doing zone conference and all that reminded me of the days when my father. was the stake young mens president of the richmond stake in texas and we always set up and took down for youth conferences and stake dances and such. so i guess i was prepared for this assignment a longgggg time ago. 

transfers happened! and guess what! im staying!!!! and from some hints heavily dropped by pres during the time that we spent with him in conversation, im probably gonna die zone leader santo!!! mixed emotions! but along with transfers, my buddy ol pal elder gray sent me a whole squad of lil baby missionaries! fresh from the womb!(mtc) and since the zone leaders have a fetching mansion of a house, we got to keep all of them in our house! until we could put them in their areas at least. and then for zone conference, all the elders from malekula(a squad of 6) came to our house and stayed too! it was super dope getting to spend so much time with new people and old people and all that but with that when 10+ people pass in and out of your house. it doesn't stay very clean. so for better or for worse. the life of zl santoooooooooo

i literally have so many pictures i want to send but i can't choose. 

exchanges!!! as a zone leader one of my responsibilities is to go on exchanges with all of the district leaders in my zone! and guess what!!!! there's 5 district leaders! 3 of which are on different islands!!!!! so guess who gets to play tourist while doing very serious very official zone leader stuff?!?!? it me. i get to go to gaua againnnnn and also malekula and ambaeeeee sicccckkkkkkk but on siad exchanges.i have to try and pass on every bit of wisdom and experience to these lil baby missionaries in <2 days. so all in all zone leader life is much busier and much more stressful than district leader life. but! i hope im learning and growing and becoming more christ like through my service to these other missionaries! 

also im just a little bit afraid of the computers here that they'll eat my sd card and ill lose all my photos... but here it goooooeeesssss
aaannnddd that's all for now folks. have a good dayyyy

1.      most of these are broken. #zoneleader gotta work that out
2.      my area. 
3.      my area pt 2
4.      it's a birb!
5.      that moment when someone steals your camera and takes pix when you sweaty and gross setting up
6.      selfies
7.      for 
8.      dayzzzz
9.      the thing at the end of zone conference where everyone crowds together and does a chant thing
10.  vanuatu take away boxes
11.  lots of photos at the airport. missionaries coming and going.. these two my pikininis are both going to mota lava. a small island that justtt opened up to missionary work like last month. 
12.  it's mah wheelzzzz well. not mine but it is under my stweardship now. 

13.  also it's the wet season now so. non stop rain either drizzle or down pour. basically non stop. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

i'll go where you want me to go dear lord

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           Monday, October 30, 2017 12:11 PM (Vanuatu)

well friends. guess what. i am no longer in blacksands. i am currently back in Santo!

we're teaching our investigator's class on sunday and the assistants call. telling me to pack my bags. that i'm the new zone leader in santo! i was only a zone leader in vila for 10 days! now who knows how long im gonna be here in santo! the official transfer was supposed to happen next week but despite that i've been transferred twice inside this one transfer! 

aaannnndddd a lot of stuff has happened this week! even though it's only been like 5 days since i last came to email! but yeah. so!

i went on exchanges as a zone leader! the first time i've been on exchanges like hosting the exchange rather than being hosted. it was really dope! i got to pass a bunch of the stuff that i learned and such from MLC to some elders who have only been on the mission one or two months! the companionship we went on exchanges with was the pango elders! (yes my old area pango!!! and all the memories come flooding backkkk) elder albao the district leader went with elder piol and i went with a elder from mexico city named elder brady and a elder from tanna named elder moses. aaaannnnndddddddd whilst on the exchange i broke one of their bikes. #chinese #maybeimfat

another thing! we had a baptismal service! two of the investigators that elder piol and his former companion(elder naikasau) had found and taught were baptized this past saturday! i taught them a time or two whilst with elder piol but i don't really feel like they were my converts. cuz i didn't do any of the work. but it was still cool to be part of their baptism! over the course of my mission i've gotten better and better at playing the piano (only playing melody but that's better than almost everyone else here can do) and so often (almost every time) im the one that ends up playing prelude music and such. it's great to be able to invite the spirit like that on their special day and such. really great! 

stressing out just a lil about being a zone leader again cuz i haven't driven in like. 7 months and also all the missionaries in santo have a lot of needs and it stresses me out just a lil thinking about how much work there is to do. but! all will be good in the end. all will be for the better when faced with faith and obedience! 

wow i've been on santo for only 4 hours so far and sooooo much throwback. i was here for 9 months. and now im back again! but now im zone leader so i have 0 time to chill with the old pals... BUT!!! i'll go where you want me to go dear lord. i'll say what you want me to say... but most importantly. i'll be what you want me to be. never forget to look up and not around for what you should be. heavenly father cares and will guide and bless you as you day by day take up your cross and follow him. 

love you guys. have a great week. and maybe send me some more emails? yeah! love to hear how all your lives are goingggggg

that's all for now. 
elder hyatt vi

1.      baptism of tien and ericka! along with other baptisms from erakor and paunganisu!
2.      elder piol and i minutes before leaving to santooooo
3.      me and elder gray.(the travel elder who used to be my zone leader....) what a guy. what a man. what a nerddddddd hahahah gat uuu
4.      a slice of heaven. as i sleepily look out the airplane window at 6 in the morn...

Thursday, October 26, 2017

elder. guess what.

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           Wednesday, October 25, 2017 3:44 PM (Vanuatu)

you're the new zone leader. wait.... what?
that's literally what my week has been. im not dead. but my p day is wednesday this week cuz i attended Mission Leadership Council on monday and tuesday so today is my p day. so sooo much stuff happened this past week o my goodness. 

i went to the museum! twice! so when i was still district leader of my last district, we went to the museum and then played ultimate frisbee outside the museum! super fun and culturally enriching! #squad! (see pix) and then again in my new district as a ZL today they wanted to go to the museum and had planned for a while to go there today so i went again with a new squad! yeah!! i learned some cool sand drawings! like how to make some cool cultural stuff. kinda like how polynesians have tribal tattoos. we in vanuatu have sand drawings. yeah!

i had a youth pastor from a non denominational christian church try to release me from my calling as a missionary. we just walking down the road to an appointment and this white dude from colorado rolls up on his motorcycle and talks/preaches to/against us for a hour straight on the side of the road and then rolls off. the biggest thing that he said that pissed me off is that he told me what i believe. he didn't ask. and what he said was i was being led astray and wrong and he had already 'researched' and knew that we were wrong. mind you. that he hadn't read and pray'd about the book of mormon but he had done 'research'. i won't go into all of the sophistries that he spew'd but yeah. fun guy. what a interesting fellow. 

i baptized a child on her 8th birthday. daughter of the relief society president. we walk up to the relief society pres's house on the way to an appointment and she asks us for a baptism record. go back to the house. get a form. fill it out. teach the appointment we were going to come back and cuz i have a camera they wanted me to come to take pix for the baptism. and also my very limited piano abilities is more than like anyone else in the ward so i sat and played the melody of hymns for a long while. playing guess that hymn and such waiting for peeps to come and the font to fill up. then they gave us a bunch of taro baked on stones for the last meal in etas. so gooooooddddd.... 

i became a zone leader. i get a call on wednesday last week from our zone leaders that im the new ZL and one of the ZL's is gonna come and stay with my pikinini imae. didn't believe them. tried to get a second witness of that fact. found out thursday night it was legit. packed up and became a ZL friday morning. wwwooootttt its great but i also feel a much greater  obligation to my fellow missionaries to look out for them and help them in their work and stuff. tbh i don't really feel adequate. like. i can be a DL forever just fine i can be DL in my sleep. i've been DL basically my whole mission. but ZL?? 🙃😅😎👔

my new companion is elder piol! he's from the Philippines in cebu and he's 3 months younger than me in the mish but he's been a ZL for 9 months now. so he's a seasoned veteran and he can be a ZL in his sleep. so much to learn from him. he's probably the most mature missionary i've met/gotten to know in the mish. great guy.

all the members in etas gave me some legitttttt souvenirs. the blessings that come when you serve in a area for 6 months and all the members love you. so i found out wednesday lunch time. wednesday night was ward council. told the ward council i would be gone by friday. some of the members dedicated like all of thursday to make me some custom stuff. like i had casually asked them weeks before if they could maybe make me some. but now i have custom stuff out the wazoooooooo sweeeeetttt so many peeps be jelly of meeee

i got to go to MLC!!!! what! what a experience. basically 2 days straight of president granger and sister granger at their fetching mansion of a house(compared to the houses that i have lived in and proselyted to on my mission) with all the zone leaders and sister training leaders from new cal and solo and vanuatu teaching us how to be leaders and the problems the mission faces and the needs of the missionaries and all that. wowowowowowow. i lovedddd it. pres g is such a g. wow. sister granger made lunch in the crock pot the first day. soooooo goooooddd... and home made enchiladas and bean salad the next. wahhhhhhh i miss mexican food so much..... cafe rio how i miss your spicy goodness... 

just this past week with the doctrinal trials of the youth pastor bro and the bonfire of faith that is pres g my testimony feels so much stronger now. like. there's no doubt. at all in my mind or my heart that this church is anything but the one and only true church of christ on the world today. god does not change. he has called a prophet today. he has given his authority to him and leads and guides us individually and as the body of christ though the trials of these final days. i know it.

yep. that's about all i wanna talk about today. this mission has been such a roller coaster from day one and i still gotta hang on until the end!
that's all for now! 

elder hyatt vi 

1.      sand drawings!!!! this one tells the story of black birding and the basically slavery that happened back then. 
2.      finished product from a angle. he never took his finger from the sand. one continual line.
3.      sweaty post frisbee squadddd!!! including from left to right. elder imae, sister marava(from PNG) sister lavemai from tonga marava's pikinini, sister motuliki from tonga almost 2 transfers old and has been training for 1. and last but not least sister james nila from malasyia. 
4.      that farmer's tan tho. #trust your sickle. #skincancer maybe. 
5.      i made bread!!!! for the first time in my life!!! like legit add yeast made by elder hyatt only!!! i feel so #domestic.
6.      the squaddd including john nasse my rc and naela the birthday girl and her family!
7.      custommmmmmm those things around my neck are meant to be tied around your ankles. they're fetching loud when you dance with them.
8.      very concentration. much power. wow. gotta get 4 penne pasta on your spaghetti and dump it in the pitcher. #teamgames
9.      communication games! ft STL's from new cal sis chard and rodriguez!
10.  the musically talented creating motivational songs for the mission! probably to be repeated throughout the whole mission!
11.  efate leaders! ft from left to right. sis fuller from utah! elder piol! sis eria from kiripas! and me!
12.  the stl's were too scared to get on the railing to get a sick jump shot... 
13.  squad at cafe vila for last kakae before everyone files back to their respective countries/islands. 
14.  and drunk photobombing Australian tourists. the best. 

Sunday, October 22, 2017

living waters and empty tanks

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hello friends. 
this week has been a lil of a struggle cuz it's officially the dry season and there is like no. water. at all. which is a yearly #struggle for these peeps but a 1st time struggle for elder whiteman over here. so apparently before, the municipal city people put a water pipe so town water could come up to etas. huzzah!!! but then guess what happened. some chief or dude or whatever got mad at the government for putting the pipe across his land and the government not paying rent on the pipe being on his land or something so he took his bush knife and broke the water pipe. so now no one in etas has had or probably will have water for a long while cuz one dude is stubborn and selfish. sigh.... 

but all is well the lord will provide! the last time about a month ago when the water was literally almost gone, it rained like the next day and we've had water ever since! but yeah. like we use that water in the tanks for everything and the dudes and mamas from the village use it for just drinking and cooking but there's a ton of people in the village and so people come and take water all the time and part of me is like blahhhhh stop stealing our waterrrrr.... but then the other part of me is like. you have 0 water and i have some so... i have to let you take it... #conflict. im working on my christlike attributes of faith and charity..

wow looking back this week has been really long lots of stuff happened. and it doesn't help that im really really bad about keeping my journal up to date. every night: im not gonna sleep until i update my journal! *sits down for personal study time* *looks at journal* *looks at scriptures* *starts reading scriptures* meh... i'll do it tomorrow morning. *tomorrow morning* i have too much to do right now. i'll do that tonight. *repeat*

we had 2 baptisms this week! anita! she is a great person who initially would run away from the missionaries like literally run and hide. but one day west and i walk up to a house(not her house by the way) and no one at that house really wanted to talk to us so she walks up. *4 months later* baptized! nice wan! she had a lot of fears to get over and it took her time wrestling with the spirit but she was so happy and stoked(even if you can't see it in the pix no ni-van s smile in pictures...) for her baptism. wow. 

and then junior! we thought he had just turned 8. child of record. just helpin the ward a bit with that. go to fill out the record. he turns 9 this saturday. nice wan!!! counts as a convert! kinda funny but it was great cuz his whole family came to the baptism and they brought cake and yeah! woot! 

we went to a new part of eratap! and like no one knew who we were! everyone thought we were j dubbs!it was kinda funny but it was a really cool experience going somewhere no missionaries have ever been before! 

the work moves forward! we're hoping that our other investigators that are kinda progressing will be converted by the spirit and repent and be ready for baptism before the end of the month! i've been in etas 6 months now and i know like. everyoneeeee which is good! but it's also stretching me to go places i've never been before and it's pushing me to the limitssssss!!!! #growth!

that's all for now got a district activity and a fhe to get to! ale!!!

  1. baptism!!!!
  2. when the mission nurse sees my stained and a lil ripped shirt. trashes it and gives me a tent.
  3. a very nice clean tent!
  4. that face. that moment when you're re thinking your life decisions. 
  5. chair. 
  6. the squad on their way to the stake danceeeee!!!!! i feel so old. 
  7. jubilee has persuaded his lil bro for us  to teach him! what a great missionary! i hope he can straighten all his stuff and go on a mission!!! (he's 23 and has a scholarship so it's kinda in the air.)

Sunday, October 8, 2017

thouuuuuu burning sun with golden beammmmm

Sent: Sunday, October 08, 2017 5:56 PM (MDT)
           Monday, October 09, 2017 10:56 AM (Vanuatu)

yep. it's hot. hello friends! this week has been really great! i got to watch conference! in english!!! good golly gosh there was so much greatness in those talks. 

this week was really busy cuz we had zone conference for 2 days then had general conference for 2 days. so not a whole lot of walking around to the people of etas and eratap. but! i learned a lot of stuff! i didn't bring my conference notebook so i can't relate any of the details besides the talk that elder nelson gave. what a powerful talk about the book of mormon. made me think. if you were delivered the golden plates by an angel. the only copy of the book of mormon. what would you do? translate or sell? which is more valuable to you, the gold or the truths written on them?

we had 9 investigators come to the sunday morning session!! that is the most i've ever had i think! wow what a great day. im so grateful for the conference cuz now i can incorporate some of the words and teachings of those prophets and apostles into my teachings and testimony as a missionary and since the prophets and apostles literally speak the voice of the lord. i'll be able to share that with my investigators! what a blessing.

i gave a training at zone conference! it was only 15 mins but i prep'd stuff for like 30 mins so i didn't get to cover all that i wanted to... but besides me getting really bad stress sweats. it was great! i took a bunch of pix so i'll add those. probs be sending a ton of pix this day. 

there was 2 of our investigators who wanted and were ready to be baptized this Saturday but because of conference, it's gonna happen this week! and john persuaded his twin brother to come to conference and now he's reading the book of mormon and he attended 4 sessions of conferenceeee!!!!! wowowowowowow and jubilee's younger brother nelson who was at first quite aloof. came to a family house night with us on monday and he also attended 2 sessions of conference!!!! wowowowowow the lord really prepares people to feel the spirit and come unto him.

one thing that was said in zone conference i really liked. it was a quote from a missionary who served/serves in south america. he said. 'converting some one to the gospel is the easiest thing i've ever done. because i didn't have anything to do with it.' and that is so true. missionary work is really hard. but conversion is easy. because it's all up to them and the spirit. the spirit is the one that works on them and helps them to change and come unto christ. all i do is teach repentance and testify of christ. what a blessing. what a day. 

that's all for now.
elder hyatt vi👔😎

#service he that #thrusteth his bush knife with his #might
the artistic stylings of pikininis when a piece of proven drywall falls off a trash truck
when you get caught about to do something stupid. that face tho. 
it's my intake from the mtc! all in the same zone for the first time!!!!
our assistants motivating us. 
got him!!!!!
my selfie game is too strong. 
#englishroom squadddddd
they built a temporary shelter for more space for conference! so many chairs!!