Thursday, March 17, 2016

Roller Coasters

Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2016 1:40 PM

hello there everyone!
this first week has been pretty crazy. i saw a new batch of elders and sisters come in yesterday and it was kinda surreal. like. that was me a week ago. how much i've changed...
this Missionary training center life is pretty weird. i've been feeling really good and really spiritual some days and then other days i just don't want to do anything. the food is pretty good sometimes. 

at first i felt like i really didn't belong here. like. everyone else's personality and testimony was here and i was over here. but after a few days i've gotten into the rythym of things. in the last week my testimony and level of conversion to the savior has probably increased by 400%. if i had to compare the mtc to anything, it would be a 24/7 mission prep class. like. im not really teaching anyone for real yet. just. studying, praying, role playing investagators and all that. i can't wait to get to my actual mission and start!

speaking of. the other day, i got called to the clinic and they sat me down with like. 6 other people and proceeded to tell me all about malaria and how terrible it is. and how if i don't do all of the precautions every day. im gonna die. and like. telling us what malaria looks like symptom like and the side effects of the medication and how the risk of actual malaria is far worse than the side effects of the medication. for those of you who wanna look up the medication, (cough cough dad cough) it's called doxycycline. and liram. intense stuff. 

uhmmm. i guess i should share some spiritual stuff too. not just temporal stuff. (thanks so much dad for the copy of my setting apart blessing. it was and continues to be really helpful. not to mention how much of a sobbing mess i was when the actual blessing happened.) so my mtc teachers. brother deppermann and sister dodds. they have been pretty good teachers. some days i really don't like the teaching style and some days it's just. shots to the spiritual heart. one experience that comes to mind is the other day i was in class and i was hitting a wall. like. i knew i wasn't reaching my full potential of spirituality but i had no idea how to progress. and then i prayed and i remembered a talk that i had heard that's only available at the MTC (sorry guys. you can't have it! ;p) and it talked about how christ/ even when he had just sufferend in Gethsemane, instead of submitting to the natural man and focusing on himself, he turned outward in compassion and healed a superficial wound of a sliced ear. so i took this as i need to stop focusing on my own growth and focus on helping my companion elder andrasko. powerful stuff.

speaking of elder andrasko. we get along really well. we already have quite a few inside jokes and such that never fail to make us crack up. and we've been doing role plays really well in the teaching resource center. the longer im here the more im itching to be in vanuatu. tho i hope i don't actually itch in vanuatu cuz that would be really bad! malaria n stuff!!! 

thats all for now i guess. 

Elder Hyatt VI

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