Sunday, July 23, 2017

i don't have a good title im sorry.

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literally didn't take any pix this week. but i do have old pix that i stole from my comp's camera. so ye

this week was pretty legit. we found a few new people to teach. and some old people who are really busy all the time who we finally got to meet. 
so this whole transfer we've been trying to find a small chicken to buy. to have and to feed till death do us part via saucepan. but it's been surprisingly hard cuz noone wants to part with their chickens that just wander around their yard. still on the hunt. what does that have to do with anything.

oh yeah. so this sister that we met like months ago was finally at home and we were able to teach her and she had some amazing questions and  though missionaries had given her a book of mormon before, for some reason her mom took it and hid it at the school that her mom works at. so we gave her another book of mormon and she was super stoked about it! yeah! so she's the person that apparently had a chicken. to sell that is. but then she didn't. it connects sorta. 

we had this super super cool lesson with this family in eratap. so the story of this mama breaks my heart cuz she has some sort of undiagnosed illness in her head causing dizziness and stuff but she can't afford a ct scan... anyway. she is super great and loves talking with us and everytime we go over she feeds us like amazingly healthy island food. like just-off-the-stones laplap and green coconuts. and it's great. but this lesson. she's been searching. and she had all these super complicated questions that she had asked to ministers and pastors. and she asked them to us. and it made me smile so big through the whole lesson because every. single. one. of her impossible to answer questions. answered plain and clear in the book of mormon. such a great experience. next step, some how get her to come to church even though church is a 2 hour walk from her house. 

jubilee got baptized! he got over so many hurtles for this baptism to happen. and it was soooooo cool to be with him through all of it and help him along his path. some of his family(extended not immediate) came to the stake baptism for this other person being baptized and was super surprised that he was there getting baptized. so many hugs and tears of joy. what a great day. 

ok one more story and that's it for this week.
so family william. i've procrastinated telling you guys their story and i promise i will. next week. but! this week when we went to go and teach them, some of their extended family(jenny and tom) had come all the way from the other side of town (like a 30 min bus trip and people here are generally poor and can't afford bus fare) because they(jenny and tom) heard that we were teaching them(family william) that day. missionaries had taught jenny on the other side of town. tom sees the book of mormon on the kitchen counter after coming home super late one night and takes it as a sign that he needed to change his life for the better. 

but jenny's land lord, who is a strong member of another faith, found out that the missionaries were visiting them. and thus told them. 'missionaries stop coming to my land or you guys find another place to rent.' an event like that would usually kill the interest/curiosity of most investigators of this church. but no! these two gems came allllllll the way to eratap just to hear a lil message about the gospel. and they've decided they're gonna make that trip every week until they've been taught enough that they come be baptized. wow. i don't think i'd ever have that much faith if i was in that dude's same situation. such gems of people. im so grateful to be able to work with them and see how they light up with the truths of the gospel. 

if everything works out well(fingers crossed and prayers said daily) we'll have 10 baptisms this saturday. (two families in eratap.) 

attached pictures are stolen from my comp - he has a sick go pro so he takes tons of great pix!

i'll steal his pix of jubilee's baptism before next week. promise. 


what is time. and why does it move so darn fast.

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this week felt like a flash.

jubilee wants to serve a mission. the young single adults of our ward have already adopted him into their squad. he's so great. his baptism is this saturday.

also! our investigator? i don't know if i mentioned her before but. niluka. she came back! and she came to church! so she'll probs be baptized too! 

this week and this transfer in general we've been spending a lot more time in eratap the other side and the more bush side of our area. and it's so freaking crazy because. literally. one day we're walking home. well. walking until a bus would pick us up and take us home. and a mama who owns a store is sitting outside her store. this is past dark. she says. 'yo. good night. i want you guys to come and teach me.' just. soooo many referrals. people who wanna join the church. less actives who want us to visit them. so much stuff to do. 

one thing that a bunch of people have asked us for is the LDS bible story books for kids. all the mamas want them for their kids but they don't really wanna join the church. odd. 

went on exchanges this week with a dude that i attended the MTC with. named elder hathcock. he used to be a zone leader. man. what a guy. such a great day of exchanges. we talked with this squad of kids who were playing kick ball. taught them a lil lesson on the book of mormon and now all of them want one. now i just gotta get their parents on the same page. no sweat! 

that's all for now! 

elder hyatt vi

didn't send pix for a while so here's a bunch!
pix from exploring the island some for district activity!!!

(Plus 1 video clip...

Monday, July 17, 2017

cool pictures and cool people.

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hi friends. i forgot my card reader at the house so. no cool pictures this week. just cool stories about people i've met.

so. last sunday. for those of you unfamiliar with the mormon concept/doctrine/belief of fasting. we leave food and drink for 2 meals 24 hours total. really great stuff. cleanses the gi tract and brings better spirituality for the time of fasting. ect. so sunday while fasting i was honestly walking around kinda like a zombie from appointment to appointment. all appointments finished, on the road back to our house to break the fast and eat!
but! my amazing companion elder west was much more wary of his surroundings and promptings of the spirit and as we were walking a dude just happened to get out of a bus like. right in front of us. me longing for water/food. but! this dude. his name is jubilee. he and elder west start a lil conversation and we decide to follow him back to his house so we could begin teaching him!

this guy is amazing.  so so so prepared. like. i've never met someone even in vanuatu who progressed as fast as this guy is. kinda heartbreaking religious history. but we did our best to answer his questions and he used the seed of faith that he had to read the book of mormon. we came back taught him again and he has fewer questions. then the third time we go and teach him. he says(rough bislama to english translation).
 'i feel like i can't have any questions. i feel this is true. i can't deny it. i know the things that you two are sharing is true.' 
*heart eyes* yes! someone finally gets it! this guy is amazing. he's 24 and i could honestly even now before he's even been baptized. see him serving a mission. he would be such a great missionary. i am so so so grateful that i was able to fast and endure and meet this gem of a guy. he's gonna get baptized on the 22nd. 

another is mama salome. (pronounced sallo may) she's a convert of two years to this church and she loves. missionary work. through her we've come to teach more people than honestly any other member my whole mission. she has a lot of extended family who lives in etas and she knows all of the members so she is a invaluable resource of missionary fire! she reminds me of my mom and she's the best. rivaled only by mama lona our recent convert who is also amazing. mama lona worked in a restaurant for 25 years and so her life revolves around food either selling it or making it. and we just pop by to try and see her neighbor or something. not even her directly. but without fail every time. 'bae yufala kakae smol afta jus sta go mekem wok bakegan' or in english. 'you will eat some food and then go visit other people.' she's the best. the people of etas are the best ever. i will probs cry when i have to leave these people. they're like my family now. :'(

had a really dope district activity. went in a bus and went around the whole island of efate. lots of cool pix. also the william family(i'll talk about them when they get baptized it will probs be a whole email in and of it's self to tell the story of their awesomeness) from eratap has offered to show us to a cool lil island just off the coast of efate. so. next p day is gonna be a party!!!! 

this place is so amazing. life is so amazing. don't you waste a second of it. 

that's all for now. 

elder hyatt vi

Sunday, July 2, 2017

so we were walking down the road and then...

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literally all of the good stuff that happened this week started like that. 

we were walking down the road in a part of our area that we had never been to on account of it's considerable walking distance from the chapel. but some referrals from some members and missionaries prompted us to make the trip! eratap! it's really great there. it's pretty far away from the main road so it's really quiet and calm and all the people live a very simple life. simple but really really happy. probably the happiest bunch of people i've met on my mission. and so we were walking down the road trying to find this dude who wants us to come teach him and! he was waiting for us at the (sorta) main road! which is like a 30 min walk from his house! he went out of his way 30 mins and waited for us for who knows how long just to hear the gospel. amazing. 

so we went and taught him and then upon walking back to the main road my comp wanted to take a pic of the sunset. so we did. and continued walking and a mama that had just barely turned down the road that we were walking down is like. 'where do you guys go to church?' out of the blue! turns out this mama was taught by sister missionaries before but moved to eratap and hadn't seen missionaries since! her name was mary and there was another mama in eratap that we were trying to go see whose name was also mary. we thought they were the same person and basically. 'sweet we found her don't gotta walk around any more' but. they are two very different people and we never woulda found the mama mary we bumped into unless we had bumped into her on the road. dude. duuuude. too much coincidence to not be divine intervention of some sort. what if we hadn't stopped for 2 mins to take pix? what if their names weren't both mary???  (if they weren't we probs woulda hurried on down to other mary) 

and i had like 3 other experiences just like that this week. 🙏🙌

transfers came this week! im staying! and im glad im staying! great comp great area and great mission!!! yeah! 

other stuff happened too but it's lots of background and im not feelin it.. sorry friends. 

that's all for now! 

1.      accurate representation of stake baptisms
2.      the girl in the purple shirt is my convert. ran out of baptismal clothes. had to re use

3.      vanuatu. 

gut blong bullock, laundry in the cave and MEGA FHE

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         Monday, June 26, 2017 10:06 AM (Vanuatu)

just looked through my pix for this week and wow lots of stuff this week. 

we had stake conference this week! a dude named elder robert g dudfield(?) came and gave some great talks! and i saw a lot of my friends from previous areas! and the senior missionaries are in vila for a conference with the mission pres so i got to see elder and sister anderson too! they are the coolest old people ever. they so great. also at the end of stake conference found out that some of the mama's in our ward brought food! and a crap ton of it! so we and all of the ward that actually came feasted! it was amazing.

all the people i'm working with are amazing. i love every single one of them. and it's so hard cuz i wanna visit and teach and help and talk with and hang out with every one of them but there ain't time for that. is actually really tragic. so much love. they're all so amazing. ok i'll only share one of the people im working with. his name is nixon. he was baptized when he was like. 12. the only member in his family cuz vanuatu has a weird custom of sending the kids to a new church and then the parents join later. anywho. he moved but his records didn't and he kinda got forgotten and we're teaching him and his family and seeing the light light up in his eyes. and seeing his family starting to support him. so great.

so the gut blong bullock. we're walking to a investigator's house and there's a lil roadside market with a 14 year old girl selling food for her bus fare to school. the food she's selling. some sorta organ of a cow. no idea which one no idea how they cooked it but. 100 vatu for one. #doitforthevine
it actually wasn't that bad. just really hairy and chewy. 

we found a sickkkkk cave! and like no tourist know about it cuz all the mama's use it to wash their clothes at cuz it's a river that caused the cave and so we went and it's freaking legit. if you look at it from one angle it kinda looks like a eye. but a angry eye. mad eye cave. yes. i just found and named a cave. 😎

last story. we had a family house night with our recent convert mama lona. and we told her to invite a friend or two cuz her family is just her and her one daughter. well. 30 people showed up and were waiting for us when we showed up. almost completely mamas and pikininis but it was amazing. 

that's all for now!

elder hyatt vi

1.      MAD EYE CAVE
2.      AHHHHHH
3.      gasp! a horse let's feed it water
4.      young business woman. and her gut blong bullock
5.      MEGA FHE
6.      p day food run 
7.      stake conference! this was one of 2 tents as well as inside the stake center

8.      post stake conf feast