Tuesday, May 23, 2017

transfers transfers

Sent: Sunday, May 21, 2017 4:52 PM (MDT)
          Monday, May 22, 2017 9:52 AM (Vanuatu)

i don't like transfers cuz i have to move..... aka pack all my stuff. 

but they're also great cuz you can clean out all your junk and you get a new area and new people to meet and care for and teach. so i guess kinda mixed emotions.

this has been the shortest time i've been with one companion/companions. only one lil transfer. elder dapena is staying in pango my pikinini (my child for those of you who don't speak bislama) is already in the solomon islands... and i'm going to etas. never been to etas. don't even really know where it is but it's somewhere on efate! 

so elder joseph left to the solomons on sunday morning and it felt supeerrrr weird not having two companions. but at the beginning of the transfer it felt superrrr weird to have two. perspective weird.

this week went pretty quick. had some really awesome family house nights. also thomson and letangi are amazing. by far my fave investigators this transfer. they ask so many great questions and they wanna learn more and they look forward to coming to church and our lessons and they the best. i'm super bummed i gotta leave them.... 

another really cool group of peeps we found/met were/are ann marie and her squad. the previous missionaries had taught them back in like February but they only put the name in the area book not where they live or stuff so it was a adventure. and yeah they're really cool and we had a chance to give ann marie's child who was super sick for like a solid week a priesthood blessing and it was the most precious moment. her mom explaining to this lil 5 year old child about blessings in simple terms. and the next day we get a text from her thanking us profusely for the blessing that her child was well again. so great. and also like. this mama. we didn't specifically ask her to come to church yet but she asked us. 'can i come to church?'😇😃 yes yes you can sister. so great. 

we helped a less active do a home improvement project. when it rains water would run into his house! 😕 so we helped dig a lil trench and put concrete blocks so now his house is nice and dry! all the time! so great. great week. looking forward to getting into my new area tomorrow and my new companion(my first white man companion elder west from idaho) just. #jazzedboutlife

that's all for now! 

elder hyatt vi

1.      seafoooooooddddd
2.      eat all the colorful fishes
3.      my lil district. so smol
4.      that feel when you lose your shoe

5.      service project(very grateful for gloves)

Monday, May 15, 2017

cannot describe.

Sent: Sunday, May 14, 2017 4:43 PM (MDT)
         Monday, May 15, 2017 9:43 AM (Vanuatu)

i'm super bummed cuz my card reader isn't working and i took some slick pix this week. oh well. 

hi friends. highlights of the week as they come to mind. 

exchanges! went of exchanges with the zone leaders and had a grand ol time. i just feel kinda bad for my zone leader elder gray cuz he's kinda portly and the whole bike situation did not agree with his physique. but! he endured and we had a lot of success. 

we found henry and nerry! this awesome lil family. we went to go teach some long time former investigators. like talked with missionaries over a year ago. and we go to their house and....... they not home. but! their sister(?) and her husband were there cuz they live/rent at the same place and we taught them! and they had never heard or seen the missionaries before and they had a ton of amazing questions and like. when we shared some truths about some different things they were confused about for a long time i could just see the light growing. does that make sense? like. i cannot describe. :))))

it's mother's day! i get to talk to my family! yayayayay! i have no idea what im gonna talk to them about but i get to talk to them! yea!

there was something really heartbreaking that happened with one of our investigators this thursday and we.. well i specifically felt really bad for the dude and really wanted to help him but didn't know how so me and my comps kneeled down and prayed about it and then on sunday he came to church with his family and everything was all good. so happy to see him. 

i guess that's the weird thing about missionary work cuz you get to open your heart up to people you barely know. and then they maybe open up to you and then all you want is for to help them to be better feel better get over all the bad stuff in their life. and then when they do. it's just. cannot describe. life is good. life is short. gotta make it good. :)

that's all for now.

elder hyatt vi

storm chasing and #ldsconf

Sent: Sunday, May 07, 2017 6:44 PM (MDT)
           Monday, May 08, 2017 11:44 AM (Vanuatu)

well. more like hiding in our house while it storms outside.

yes for those of you who are unfamiliar with the international weather. here in the south pacific there's a girl named donna who's rippin up vanuatu. it's a cyclone. not a girl. but it's named a girl so. 

anyway. it hasn't really hit me that much at all. it's mainly been absolutely destroying torba. which is a province i used to serve in. my poor friends in gaua.... their houses are probs wrek'd. but! good for torba but bad for us, donna is comin down south. right now santo (where i spent july-march) is getting wrek'd. but! guess what! donna's coming to vila!!! yay!!! jk. not yay. we can't proselyte when it's raining off and on super hard all day and so we spent most of this week sitting in our house.... 

some people that we did teach this week tho. idk if i talked about him before but. thomson. super legit and interested guy. before we had just been teaching him but we asked if we could find a time where we could teach him and his wife/family and we did! and it was so so so great cuz his neighbor(the member who initially brought thomson to church) let us use his house for teaching and it was a small and a lil cramped but everyone was so focused on the lesson and it was such a great lesson. high high hopes for that guy and his fam. great peeps. man. 

another really cool thing about being in vila is that i run into people who i used to know like all the time! like the ni van papa that basically taught me how to understand bislama back when i was a lil newborn in april of last year (wowie time flies)or the sister that i taught back when it was me and edler atuake in south santo. it's so grand to see old friends and see how far they've come. so great.

also! friends. if you have not listened to and studied general conference. do it. do it now. do it right now. i got a chance to listen to 2 of the 5 sessions this week while huddling in my house and man! that is some A++ stuff right there. as i email right now i'm downloading the other sessions so i can listen to the rest. a talk by a dude named sabin(don't remember his whole name or his calling so.) was great. and also basically the whole priesthood session was solid gold. yep.

that's about all for this week. woot. 

elder hyatt vi

1.      bush child 
2.      #poser
3.      feast
4.      local bakery

5.      so windy. it feels amazing when it's just the wind but the rain is annoying. 

Monday, May 1, 2017

re duce re find re teach

Sent: Sunday, April 30, 2017 6:18 PM (MDT)
         Monday, May 1, 2017 11:18 AM (Vanuatu)

tbh this week we didn't do a whole ton of stuff. basically we found a bunch of less actives and organized a baptismal service.

here in pango there is a bunch of less actives. a bunch. so we spent a considerable amount of time this week going through the ward directory and finding out what we could from members and such. lots of work of organizing and re finding people. 

aaannndddd the baptismal service. so a bunch of missionaries all over efate had baptisms. but there's only one baptismal font on the island. so all of them came to the same font at the same time and held a giant stake baptismal service. like 6 sets of missionaries and 13 people getting baptized. it was quite a experience. 

my lil pikinini elder joseph is doin great. he's gonna be going to the solomon islands in like. 2 weeks and so. trying my best to boil down everything i've learned in the past 14 months and give it to him in 6 weeks. puts a lot of stuff into perspective. 

it's cyclone season still so it's really rainy and it's also fall here so it's really cold. when i first came here last year i didn't think it was that cold but now. oh boy it's freeeeeeezzzzinnnngggg

yep lil email that's all k bye

1.      cutest smile.
2.      stake baptism.
3.      guess that food! (it's naloat. it's delicious.)
4.      i put a ninja cat in the tree and he was just like. thanks bruh it's comfy up here.
5.      selfie