Sunday, June 12, 2016

zone conference and related shenanigans

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Monday, June 13, 2016 10:13 AM (Vanuatu)

so this week was my first zone conference. it was an experience. remember how 2ish weeks ago i had a meeting with elder pearson? this was kinda like that. we went over some of the stuff he covered and emphasized some other stuff. my mission president is really really awesome. like. dang. when im that old i hope im as spiritual and all that as he is. not to diss on anyone else who is kinda old and wants to be looked up to. sorry.

we had a lot of different things happen at zone conference. we went to a fancyish restraunt because apparently the elders on tanna only eat like. kumala and manyoke and that just. gets really old really fast and so every zone conference (every three ish months) so they treat them to a fancyish chinese place. on par with pei wei in america but restraunts here are few and far between so can't be too picky.

we had a field day kinda thing as part of zone conference. did team games involving like. a beach ball. and passing a cup of water over our head in a line to a bucket. eventually everyone got soaked. and then played ultimate frisbee and a little foot ball. really good stuff.
had some elders from tanna stay at our house over the course of zone conference. learned a new card game. 

working on faith and obedience right now and how they are connected. we haven't had very much success baptism wise in our area and in my interview with president he said that if i have enough faith and obedience i'll see miracles in my area. so that's the goal! now just gotta work work work.
after this next week my training period of 12 weeks in the mission field will be offically over. i'll be considered a fully fledged and capable elder. and i might be assigned to be a trainer. or a district leader. and it's exciting and anxious. but also looking back and evaluating what i learned and how i've changed over the past 12 weeks. hopefully im not the same person i was 3 months ago.

sooo uh. spiritual stuff. so we had a really good lesson with a referral this week. the woman’s friend is a member who invited her to meet with the missionaries this week. had a really really good lesson with her. my bislama skills are finally to the point that i can express all i want to when bearing my testimony which is really really good. 

had another lesson with one mama. the one who talked to missionaries 10 years ago. her husband is a deacon in the seventh day adventist's church. aka he's really active in his church and not very teachable. but we're working and working. hopefully he has the humility and faith enough to read the book of mormon. after the lesson with this mama, she said. 'wait just a minute.' so we waited and then she brought out a heaping plate of reallllllllyyyy good food for us. we happened to teach her right before lunch and were planning on going back to the apartment right afterward to eat. really awesome experience. 

that's about all for this week.

here's some pictures from zone conference. the picture indoors with all those people are my district. it's gonna be so sad when we get split uppppp my district is the best. 

ok. that's all for reals this time. 

Elder Hyatt VI

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