Sunday, June 26, 2016

coincidence or the spirit?

Sent: Sunday, June 26, 2016 5:39 PM (MDT)
         Monday, June 27, 2016 10:39 AM (Vanuatu)

so. wowie. this week was really freaking busy. in a good way.

we had 3 elders who were waiting for their plane to santo arrive on wednesday. and their plane didn't leave until saturday. so for those 3 days we got to be their interim trainers, trying to help them get a little taste of bislama, teaching a lesson for the first time, etc.

annndddd we got a whole heck ton done in our area this week. at some point we kinda ran out of people we had already met and talked to, to go visit, so we focused on finding new people to teach. we found 10 new investigators, and taught 25 lessons. here's some of the really awesome experiences of those 25 lessons. 

so on thursday, we went and visited one mama who can't really progress due to a family situation. and it's kinda hard to find time to teach her because she works a lot a lot. but we passed by her house, she was there, she had the biggest smile on her face when she saw us and she invited us in to teach her. turns out she had prayed that we might come by that night. and right after she prayed, and walked outside, we were walking up her driveway. coincidence or the spirit?

and then. on friday. i was with two of the santo elders, and we had run out of pamphlets and books of mormons so we were headed back to our apartment to get more. on the way home i had the impression to go down one street that winds up and behind our apartment. went and got more materials, and then went up that road. we met, or rather, re-met someone we had given a pamphlet to a month ago. while contacting a referral from a member, who wasn't home. but! we gave pamphlets to the referral's neighbors. and now back to today. this person had really been prepared to hear us teach as she had read the pamphlet we left her over the course of the month. in addition, the place we re-met her was about a mile from her actual house. coincidence or the spirit?

in general, this week just felt much more spiritual and guided by the spirit than previous weeks. why? maybe i changed something that was blocking me spiritually. or maybe it was the santo elders and their exuberance. i dunno but it was p great. 

ok one last experience. so on sunday, i met with a Deacon of the Seventh Day Adventist's church. we had been teaching his wife for a week or so but he was always at work. anyway. so we went to teach him. and as is the usual when trying to teach someone who is very active in another church, he had a lot of things to say whenever we asked questions. but near the end of the lesson, something finally clicked for me. the reason im here. the whole reason i am on this tiny island in the middle of the ocean. the one thing i have that no one else has, is My testimony. and when i shared it at that point, man oh man i felt it. 

sorries the usb ports on this computer don't work... no pictures this week.
that's all for now. 

Elder Hyatt VI

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