Sunday, July 17, 2016

a sacred trust- AHHHH IM A TRAINERRRR

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         Monday, July 18, 2016 11:47 AM (Vanuatu)
sooooo a whole ton of stuff happened this week. one of them being i am now a proud father.(trainer)

on wednesday we had a new elder from the mtc come and stay at our house. his name, elder 'Atuake. from tonga. cool guy. and so we asked the travel elders(dudes in charge of flights, and putting missionaries where they're supposed to go) where he was going. they said he was going to santo. i asked who his companion was going to be. 'uhhhh.... talk to the zone leaders.' and thus i found out i was assigned via emergency transfer(just meaning not at the usual 6 week interval)(a transfer is 6 weeks long) to go to santo. OMG santo is amazing. 

so found out we were leaving on thursday. left on sunday. and today is our first full day in santo. great stuff. the air here smells like the air at nana and papa's house(salty sea breeze). there are sooooooo many coconut trees. oh my goodness. vanuatu's 3 biggest industries are tourism, kava exporting(kava is a plant the root of which when prepared can make you drunk), and coconut oil/coconut product exporting. so there's coconut plantations here. like one of the villages in my area is literally a part of a plantation. like. when we went to our house for the first time(its a really nice house) there was a coconut just lying on the ground. like. freshly fallen from the tree in our front yard. 

anywho. santo. the biggest island in vanuatu. only got missionaries on the south side. my area is called tanavoli. my area is basically a section of the main road and all the villages that branch off from that section. my zone leaders, one of whom was the last missionary in my new area, showed us around to the members so they'd know who we were and generally how to find the villages. good stuff. our house is really nice. there's a big pamplamouse tree in the front yard with like 20 pamplamouse on it. and we have a washing machine and a shower and hot water and a stove. truly awesome apartment. 

the first day we didn't have any food and it was sunday so the zone leaders gave us some crackers and some rice. truly manna from heaven. we're going shopping today so we'll be all stocked up by the end of the day. 

so my new companion. my first and maybe only pikinini. elder 'Atuake. he's really cool. from tonga. don't know too much about him yet as we have only been in the companionship for a day or so by now. oh yeah. i guess i should talk a little about my last week in freshwota. 

so it was really bitter sweet. like. missionary work is really hard in that aspect cuz like. you get to know these people so so so well. their problems and trials. you feel for them. pray for them. love them. and then ya gotta leave...

had a lot of last lessons and good byes. didn't have very much success baptism wise but the people we taught and who the elders there now are going to continue to teach, benefited from me being there. for this is my work and my glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. 

been thinking about a conference talk given by elder uchtdorf? that talks about a statue of christ that was destroyed. and the people were able to restore the whole statue from the rubble except for the hands. which were destroyed beyond repair. and the people argued wheter they should hire a sculptor to make new hands. but ultimately they left the statue with out hands, but put a inscription on the platform of the statue. which reads 'you are my hands'. 

what im striving to be as a missionary. his hands to accomplish his work. his hands to mold elder atuake into the best elder in the world. gahhhh so much work to do. and so little timeeeee
that's all for now. 

Elder Hyatt VI

(pictures are kinda self explanatory? /i forgot which ones i attached and am too lazy to look at them with this slow computer. whoops. sorries.)

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