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miracles and how to achieve them

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happy fourth of july!

so this month, my mission president has really been pushing and trying to breathe urgency and excitement into the missionaries here and he has thus dubbed july a month of miracles. he's given a few training sessions in which i attended which he talked about how to achieve miracles and what holds us back from them. good stuff. really great mission president over here. all yous in america should be jealous! just kidding. coveting is a sin.

anywho. this week was pretty nice. we have quite a few people we're working with and doing our best to have miracles. in the context of missionary work, a miracle being someone changing their life around and choosing to follow christ into the waters of baptism. 

i and my companion of three transfers now, elder omilig, have really started to hit a stride in our teaching. like. we're getting better and better about focusing on the spirit of the lesson and teaching true doctrine than the words in the pamphlet. also something kinda clicked in my head this week. the one thing that i have that no one else on the entire planet has is my testimony. and therefore, that should be one of the key points of my teaching. bearing my testimony and feeling the truthfulness of what im saying through the spirit as i tell it. we've been teaching one dude who is really active in another church and we're asking him, by asking him to be baptized, to change his whole life. abandon his sins and his less than perfectly true church to become a disciple of christ. and yeah. 

missionary work in general is both really easy and really hard. you don't have to worry about paying rent or having enough money for food or passing exams at school or anything like that. the only thing you get to worry about really is your investigators. that's what makes it easy. but what makes it hard is leaving all that other stuff, leaving those big chunks of your personality and knowledge by the wayside and focusing on spiritual things. 

one really awesome experience i had this week is... remember last week about how i talked about how we gave a pamphlet to the neighbor of a market stall? well. if you don't remember go re read that cuz im not gonna type all that out again. so we went to the return appointment to the neighbor of the market stall and............ surprise surprise she wasn't home.. but! the original market stall referral who we hadn't talked to in months! was home and gladly received us and we taught her again. when we first taught her, my bislama was very very bad. and now my relative fluency, it was a really awesome moment/teaching opportunity and i had the most dorky smile on my face the whole lesson. 

also. the pictures. so we went to ward correlation meeting one night and the 4 sisters who are also in our ward didn't show up.. so on arrival i found a kid using a bush knife to make some kindling/cutting fire wood. cut some fire wood. remembering the good ol' boy scout days. and then the 2nd counselor from our ward came out and gave us a frying pan and some small fish to fry. and that is the result. kinda scary looking, right? so apparently you can eat the fish whole when they're that small. like bones, head and all. very crunchy. but it was good. life is good. 

so the pictures are

o   ward correlation meeting(one of the sister missionaries in my ward took the picture) 
o   the fried fish
o   P-day bball team
o   [missing] and a type of chip here that i really really like. peanut ruffs. really really really addictive. but a really big bag is only like 100 vatu so...

that's all for now!

elder Hyatt VI

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