Sunday, September 11, 2016

knowledge and growth

Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2016 4:41 PM (MDT)
         Monday, September 12, 2016 9:41 AM (Vanuatu)
this week seemed really really long. the area that im serving in got cut in half and so. we've been staying in the small villages that we'd only visit for like a hour or two before, for a whole day now. finding some new investigators and building relationships with people. 

the members here really really like us. like. whenever we come by, they feed us whatever they have on hand. such as, coconuts, naloat (roasted breadfruit cooked with coconut milk), nungai, carrsol(soursop) or gato(basically sugar free donuts). right now the branch im in is getting split because the geographical area it covers is ginormous and the cost of paying for transport for all the members to come to sacrament is a lot so the branch is getting split. and we as missionaries are like. the one constant that knows all of the members and the district presidency has been depending on us for help through the change and it's been good. seeing the positive changes. less actives getting excited about coming to church, good good stuff.

i’ve become good at peeling coconuts. like. coconuts when they fall off the tree have like a 1-2 inch thick covering of fiberous stuff. and inorder to harvest the kakai inside, you gotta peel that fibery stuff off. basically using a big stick of rebar or a carved root sticking out of the ground and then impaling the coconut and using torque to break it off bit by bit. small bits of service that i can do. 
found another issue of general conference Liahona in my apartment. #loving studying the words of the prophets. this week was kinda hard but approaching the difficulties with prayer and obedience, i really saw the influence of God in me and my area this week. my testimony grows every day.

im grateful for the chance i have to serve. im grateful for my lil branch i get to look after and be the representative for christ to. life is good

that's all for now.

Elder Hyatt VI

1.      crushing some nungai (kinda tastes like almonds) open with a pikinini
2.      selfie with some kids in usa (oosha)
3.      my district before transfers
4.      SQUAD (aka p day boredom)

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