Sunday, September 25, 2016

our purpose.. 1.. 2.. ready.. go!

this week tho. every week tho. mission life tho.
this week was pretty awesome. we had a split with the district leader. it was a pretty good experience. i went to tanavoli with elder samante and my companion left me!!! ahhhh separation anxiety of my child leaving meeee. it's ok it was only for 2 days(woulda been one day but transport is rare and expensive) learned a lot of stuff. spent a lot of time in the area. i learned how to give someone a tattoo from one of the dudes in our area. cool stuff. if you wanna get a tattoo all you need is a sharpie, a needle and some charcoal. good stuff.
so we have one really progressing investigator we have. even before we started teaching him he was coming to church. and we've been teaching him and he knows a lot of stuff about Christianity(he's like 11 years old) i think he went to some sort of church school before we met him. but he's really dope and his date is next week!!!! ahhhh!!!!!!!! which reminds me.. i need to talk to my district leader about coming to do the interview... anyways.
our little branch is so great. we got a double en(basically a tarp) and this week they're gonna cut some wood to hold up the double en and make some benches to sit on and we'll have a little tiny bush chapel of awesomeness! yeah! we've befirended like all of the people in the village where the chapel is so. now we have a bunch of potential investigators and apparently one of the papas in that village has been praying for a long time that all of his friends in his village would be able to become members and it's just. so dope to be able to help answer someone's prayer.
we have a district activity today im stoked about. we're gonna go to a celebration for a province of vanuatu. torbati day! it's gonna be so great!
there's a bunch of elders standing around wanting to use this computer so.
that's all for now! 
elder hyatt vi
1.      some cool WWII era ammo a dude in our area showed us
2.      lap lap banana (w/ coconut milk on top)
3.      cool new fruit i ate(apparently called sakk)

4.      usa river when it was super cloudy and still and like a mirror #dope

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