Sunday, October 9, 2016

a week of miracles!

Sent: Sunday, October 09, 2016 4:41 PM (MDT)
         Monday, October 10, 2016 9:41 AM (Vanuatu) 
so, so many things happened this week so im just gonna go down the list of really awesome stuff that happened this week.
miracle 1, my camera basically resurrected itself. like. i gave up on it it was fuzzy and had water in it and it was just. a lost cause. but because it can still read the card, i carried it around with me in my bag. and then on thursday i took it out of my bag to use the flash to scare a chicken(i know right) and. IT WORKS AGAIN LIKE WITH GOOD PICTURES i was very very shocked and took some good pix and my camera was alive for the baptism and it was just. a miracle. it was great.
miracle 2, we had a BAPTISM?!? like? what! we had a baptism. it's still kinda surreal. it was such a great experience and even though it rained all day, during the service, it stopped raining for us. it was legit. and i took some great pix and all of the Se 's friends came and he's really welcomed into our little branch and it was the best. and just. life is lookin up despite the rain clouds
also something that's kinda funny. in santo, when ever a cruise ship comes to town, it rains. with out fail. like. it'll be nothing but blue skys and oppressive sun and then the cruise ship rolls up and boom. clouds. rain. it's happened like every time. without fail. white people bring rain. heh.
miracle 3. on sunday, we were hoping the very busy district president would be able to come to our little unit thing. and do a bunch of interviews to help some young men progress in the priesthood. and it looked like he wasn't gonna come but then he did and 3 young men now have the priesthood in our branch and i was the dude that got to do the ordinations and it was really dope experience. and also our district president is really sincere and he started out in a branch smaller than ours in ambae and now he's the district president and a RM and he's just a really dope guy. we had a really good day at church despite the constant rain.
one thing here is that people's drinking water is rainwater gathered by corrugated tin roofs and gathered into buckets and tanks and it hasn't rained in a while and it's great cuz now they all have water again! yay!
also a poisonous caterpillar bit me on my neck. or im allergic to something again.
i dunno what else to talk about now so. that's all for now. i'll send a bunch of  pix now.
that's all for now!
11.      resurrected camera! in the bush! cutting green coconuts for drinking water!
22.      gahhhhhh baptism! the kid getting baptized is named Se and his mom leah and his little sister!
33.      ocean baptisms and cloudy skys!
44.      lots of rain and hiding in our chapel from the rain
55.      bush chapel

66.      baptism pix

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