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         Monday, October 03, 2016 9:39 AM (Vanuatu)

hi friends. so this week was. eventful.

on monday we went to district activity. we went to a blue hole (basically a really big deep hole of really blue freshwater) and played some volley ball. it was pretty great. we all (like. 12-14 people) all sat/stood up in the back of the transport truck to get there. it was kinda sketchy but pretty fun. also i tried to use the water proof feature of my camera and. guess what everyone. it's not waterproof. so. sorry guys. few/no pictures now-the future until i can find and buy a new camera.

tuesday we had a specialized training with the mission pres. it was really really great. like. every time he talks i feel the spirit. whether in email or in person. he's such a great dude. one thing that one of the other missionaries said about when disappointments(investigators not keeping commitments) happen, 'sometimes they aren't our souls to save' so we just have to go and find the souls we are supposed to save. really great stuff.

one thing that is kinda annoying about vanuatu in general is the level of patriarchy. like. theres a bunch of young single adults in our area who what to be taught by us but they live with their respective fathers and their fathers have said no. so. all those potential investigators... just barely out of reach.... sigh...

it's all good. we're likely to transfer out of the area in 12 days and the area has a strong possibility of being closed after due to the small size of the area. so we're working in overdrive to get as many people as we can into the waters of baptism before we leave.

I HAVE MY FIRST BAPTISM THIS SATURDAY im super super stoked. it's gonna be so great. and everyone in the villages will see the baptism and then be more interested and then we can baptize even more people! it's gonna be great!

our little bush chapel (now made of poles of wood/bamboo and a tarp tied down over the top) is the best. the new open one is good because now, investigators and non members feel more comfortable being able to sneak in and sit at the back. it's great.

been thinking a lot about what my purpose and how it's why im here. and how every minute of all the time we should be working towards helping someone or hopefully multipule someones come unto christ. it's great. i'm glad that i have this work to do. that i have this small time of mine to labor in the vineyard and thrust in my sickle with my might. it's great.

that's all for now.

elder hyatt vi

1.      blue hole before i dunked my camera
2.      walking with the district to the blue hole from the place we played volley
3.      truck pre trip. #supersafe
4.      walking back from church along the beach and paused to rest and take a pic
5.      us and a coconut crab(really heavy)
6.      coconut crabs are really really big. and can totally break your finger in half.
7.      more pix of the blue hole (thanks to my comp's camera)

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