Monday, November 21, 2016

half jews and diamond investigators

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hi friends.

this week was an experience. i am very grateful for my umbrella.
there's a superstition here that goes. if a tourist boat(cruise ship) comes, it will rain. and boy did it rain. the boat came on like wednesday and then thursday through saturday. just. RAIN RAIN RAIN im very grateful for all of the stuff i have that's water proof or water resistant and just. yeah!

so. my diamond investigator. i've talked about her before a couple times. she's the bomb. like. we already taught her all the official lessons and she was really engaged while we taught but she didn't really read the book of mormon. and now, she's discovered the foot notes and she read. 4 WHOLE CHAPTERS in one day. oh good golly gosh no investigator in my whole mission has ever read that much out of that holy book. and she did it in one day. it made me so so soso sososo happy. like. yay! the only slightly sad part is i might not be in this area when she is finally ready to enter the waters of baptism.

and now for the half jews. so. there's a religion reffered to as the SDA's. they believe that their church is true purely based off of exodus 20. and from what i understand the founder was at one point a mormon woman who wanted the priesthood but it was denied her. anyway.

we had a lesson with a very stubborn SDA and i had heard about them before but i really hadn't gotten into it with one before. during the lesson he basically tried to chastize us for not following the 10 commandments. it was pretty funny. part way through the lesson i was just partially laughing inside because of how rediculous their beliefs are. they basically believe christ fufilled the law but only part. cuz the 10 commandments were written in stone, they are still the foundation. it's ok he's hopefully gonna read the book of mormon like he promised and then it will all work out.
also last big thing that happened this week. OUR BRANCH GOT A PRESIDENCY!

so i've been in this area for like. 4 months by now and for basically the whole time i've been the presiding authority and sunday school teacher, and and and... but! now i am not! now i am just a missionary! yay!

wanna hear a joke? did you know that many a blonde dyes by her own hand? tragic right?

that's all for now! slow internet this week so..... no pix. might send home a flash with all of them for christmas. yep.

elda hyatt vi

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