Sunday, December 11, 2016

banban, sweat and loving life

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         Monday, December 12, 2016 12:15 PM (Vanuatu)

this week was pretty freakin rad.

my new companion elder naikasau is the best. ever. he's such a hard worker and positive and obedient and he's just amaze. so he had about a week in this area a couple months ago and i had like 2 weeks in this area before transfers. so we both knew a little and then added that all up and we found like. almost all of the former investigators in this area! it's pretty amazing. but a lot a lot of walking. my shoes are gettin hella worn out. but it's all good. i think im gonna buy some more today. 

so one of the families that we're teaching is the aunt of a recent convert. the recent convert moved from her house to her aunt's house in banban and so we come by to visit the recent convert and end up teaching the whole family and they really like talking with us and give us food like. every time. its amazing. 

church this week was kinda sad. we walked around to pick up all our investigators and walk to church with them but almost all of them had some sort of excuse. making it so... i was kinda sad. but. it's all good! we're gonna keep going and do our best to help them come unto christ! 

there was this one mama we taught. we asked her if she had ever seen or heard of a book of mormon before. she goes in her house and pulls out a english 'gospel principles' manual. completely waterlogged and stuff. but we were really really surprised and we asked her where she got it and she said her friend gave it to her. i doubt she ever read out of it cuz it's in english but! yeah! really great stuff!  

that's all for now friends. 

have a great week! 
Elda Hyatt VI

really didn't take any pictures this week except
  1. -          these cool wild flowers. 
  2. -          also that mama that always makes us food. gave us this. it's cabbage cooked with nungai (tastes like almonds) pretty delicious. and vegetarian. for all of you friends at home looking for new fancy vegetarian options. 

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