Monday, January 9, 2017

there and back again, a story of gaua

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         Monday, January 09, 2017 11:47 AM (Vanuatu)

hello friends.

gaua was amazing. the members of the church in gaua are very humble and loved every moment we spent with them. it was only 10 days and the last time missionaries were in gaua was 14 months ago. whilst there we taught and baptized 5 people into the church of jesus christ of latter day saints.

but, due to the lack of AC power, (solar only) i could not charge my camera... so my camera died 1/2 way through so i have relatively few pictures... sad right?
also on gaua not eating any dairy products or very much meat at all, basically only stuff from organic island gardens. and even though i ate to forcingly full like every meal, i lost 5 pounds. wowie. might try that again sometime again in america.

we got back to santo on thursday. and we kinda just. went around and tried to re-find everyone that we were teaching before. but due to the holidays and such, a lot of people aren't home and so. yeah. it's been kinda a slow week.

this week is kinda like the instant classic electronic video entertainment game mario kart 64. when in the last lap, the music speeds up and all the good power ups start dropping and there's only a short time left? that's this week. transfer calls come next week and all the investigators or people we're teaching. only 1 week left.

life is good. i've gained a much greater appreciation of the luxuries of modern life such as a gas stove. and umbrellas. the work moves forward! im grateful to have this time to be here. internet is really slow today so... pictures post poned until next week.

that's all for now!

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