Tuesday, January 24, 2017

when the truck stalls on a busy hill street.

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         Monday, January 23, 2017 10:50 AM (Vanuatu)

this week was very very busy.

i have now learned more or less how to drive a stick shift. experience is a hard teacher. i haven't crashed yet so. that's good. but i'll keep you posted.

there's a lot of stuff i could tell right now but most of it is probably boring to you fellas...
right now we're teaching a part member family. the two kids were baptized last year. but the mom is very strong in her church. but! she loves the missionaries and wants them(us) to come to her house like all the time.
and so last week. and this past month or so. i've figured out the lessons that i teach turn out much better when the spirit leads the lesson. by saying that i mean. i ask a open ended question and then based on how they answer and what thoughts come in to my head we have much more tailored to their needs and much more spiritual lessons.

that happened with this part member family. we asked a really open ended question and found out that this mama, though having met with missionaries many times in the past, still had many confusions and unanswered questions about the book of mormon. really great lesson. really really great.

my adapter for pix is broken i think. sorry. no pictures for now.

prayer has power. faith is the first step.
love y'all. k byeeeee

elda hyatt vi

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