Monday, April 17, 2017

the womb part 2, manbush in the big city and bikes!

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         Monday, April 17, 2017 9:29 AM (Vanuatu)

hello friends. 

for those of you who aren't updated about the weather in the south pacific. it's cyclone season and a cyclone(?) came through and broke the internet last week so i'm sorry i didn;t email last week. but! i am now transferred back to port vila where the internet is (slightly) more expensive but like 5 times faster. so yeah!
the cyclone is gone now. no need to worry. for me at least. 

so. transfers came. tearry goodbyes with all the people i'd helped and taught in banban... it was kinda funny cuz a bunch of the members were thinking/hoping that i'd be staying and elder naikasau would be transferring but! i'm out. bittersweet... and turns out i'd acquired actually a ton of stuff in santo. heh..

anywho. i transferred to vila! my new area is called pango. it's basically a peninsula? with a village and a pig farm and resorts and surfing competitions and it's great. and it's also part of a ward! omg it's so different serving in a branch vs serving in a ward. you have no idea. anywho. this week they had a special easter kinda invite all your friends! kinda sacrament meeting and we got tons of referrals! yeah! it's great. 

now about the womb. i now have a bouncing baby boy!👶 his name is elder joseph and he's from malekula and he's the best. now i have 2 kids. they grow up so fast... 😌 so now, i'm in a trio as a trainer/district leader. very interesting assignment. very different than maintenance elder. oh yeah my other companion is named elder dapena. he was my district leader back when i was being trained and now he's my comp!

also bikes are amazing. a m a z i n g. you have no idea. like. we can go so far. so fast. the only thing is you can't ride on the beach. it doesn't work out very well. at all. and also i learned very quickly that my legs are not as strong as i thought they were. heh.. 

this week is zone conference again which feels wayyyy too soon cuz my last zone conference was like. 2 weeks ago. (cuz vila is the 1st to have zone conf and santo is last) but yeah! new area new people workin hard to find people to talk to and teach! woo!

that's all for now ale ta~
elder hyatt vi

1.      laplap manyoke with mince. delicious. and very very hot after just coming off the stones. 
2.      cyclone kinda broke our new house. heh
3.      beach like 2 seconds from our house. it's great. 

4.      last sunday in banban #squad

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