Monday, April 17, 2017

i got nothin for yah

Sent: Sunday, April 02, 2017 6:37 PM (MDT)
         Monday, April 03, 2017 11:37 AM (Vanuatu)

this week has seemed really long lookin back at my planner just right now..

so. as i think i said last week, this week we spent a lot of time finding. we found the beach! lol jk but not really. we went contacting along the houses/ground that open up to the ocean and took a bunch of cool pix and found a guy who's name is dick. he's really chill and he said he forgot how old he is. lol we asked him and he was like. i think i'm 26? i dunno my birth certificate is on ambrym at my parent's house... lol people here are the best.

another funny story from this week. last sunday a member who i wasn't terribly familiar with gave us a referral saying 'abu blo mama livan' abu can mean your grand children or your grandparents. it's kinda ambiguious. so we go to the appointment and find this mama who's been coming to our church at banban for the past year and the missionaries always just kinda assumed she was a member. turns out she is not. she married into a less active family and has been like that, someone who wants to attend church but her husband/family is not so church inclined, for the past 8 years. and the missionaries who came in the past. taught the less active family many times and never. found. her. this poor soul. we taught her a lesson and she loved every word of it. dang sonne.

another awesome new investigator of ours. there's this mama that was baptized in january. i don't know if i already talked about her but here i go again. she's the best. she's like the shining star example of what recent converts should be. could be. she shares the gospel that she has just recently received with everyone around her and now we're teaching 3 of her neighbors that she's already brought to church. she's the best. the only thing is her house is a solid hour walk away...

the impending change of transfers looms closer and closer.. i've been here in banban for 3 transfers now so the chances of me getting shipped is p high... *mixed feels* also i got my hands on a french book of mormon. my two years of french in highschool is worthless. i wanna learn french but. i guess i'll just wait until i have a french speaking comp who can help me learn.

i'm not gonna explain any of my pix you guys can just guess hah

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