Friday, August 4, 2017

independance dayyyyyyy

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         Monday, July 31, 2017 10:40 AM (Vanuatu)

end of the month blitz!
and in the end of the month blitz we lost our phone and i also lost my camera. hoping and praying it comes back but it's ok if it doesn't. i've kept a journal and sent home pix pretty regularly so that nothing (pix) too important was/will be lost. and my camera was kinda a piece of crap anyway. honestly surprised that someone stole it. anywho.

ok so i owe you guys this explaination. family william. so one day we go to district meeting and a member shows up and gives us a paper with like 8 names on it. this dude who lives wayyyy on the other side of vila has a brother who lives in our area and he recently got really sick and was living a very worldly life and decided that he needed a church in his life. brother on other side of vila talks up this church a bit. we come. teach him and his whole family for the past month and they all got baptized this saturday! that's the really boiled down version. but theese people are sooooo amazing. they give us like. 4  5 foot staffs of sugarcane every time we go. and laplap and so much other food. it's so great. and they have such great faith. the church house is like a 2 hour walk for them from their house. us missionaries can afford to take a bus and go teach them but for them to come to church they got up (and continue to get up) super early and started walking. they're such gems of people.

and one thing that is a commandment in the church is that if someone wants to get baptized and is living with someone they either have to get married first or move out. no longer sleep together. and this is usually a huge cramp in the baptismal prep cuz of customs and strongheaded people and stuff. but these gems. were totes down for it. so i got to go to a marriage on saturday! i signed my name as a witness! yeah! it was sooooo cool i was grinning from ear to ear the whole marriage while everyone else was poker face. i don't care it was so great. 

and then there's christina. just another gem of a person. anyway. we stumbled upon her a while ago. we've been teaching her pretty steadily for a long while now. and so she visited a friends house and some how her friend had a copy of the liahona ( from like. october last year. she takes it. she reads the whole thing, asks us if we have anymore. she is so great. 

jubilee is gonna get ordained to the aaronic priesthood next week! he bought his own hymn book and scriptures and stuff! he's so great. he was baptized like. last week. but he already acts and everyone treats him like he's a long time member! he's so great. so many great people. so many. 

also im almost 21. gahhhhh
whenever i steal more pix from my comp or my camera comes back or i buy a new one i'll send some pix. have a great day friends! it's a great day to be alive. trials challenges. suckiness and happiness combined. it's a great day. make it great!

that's all for now.

elder hyatt vi

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