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literally didn't take any pix this week. but i do have old pix that i stole from my comp's camera. so ye

this week was pretty legit. we found a few new people to teach. and some old people who are really busy all the time who we finally got to meet. 
so this whole transfer we've been trying to find a small chicken to buy. to have and to feed till death do us part via saucepan. but it's been surprisingly hard cuz noone wants to part with their chickens that just wander around their yard. still on the hunt. what does that have to do with anything.

oh yeah. so this sister that we met like months ago was finally at home and we were able to teach her and she had some amazing questions and  though missionaries had given her a book of mormon before, for some reason her mom took it and hid it at the school that her mom works at. so we gave her another book of mormon and she was super stoked about it! yeah! so she's the person that apparently had a chicken. to sell that is. but then she didn't. it connects sorta. 

we had this super super cool lesson with this family in eratap. so the story of this mama breaks my heart cuz she has some sort of undiagnosed illness in her head causing dizziness and stuff but she can't afford a ct scan... anyway. she is super great and loves talking with us and everytime we go over she feeds us like amazingly healthy island food. like just-off-the-stones laplap and green coconuts. and it's great. but this lesson. she's been searching. and she had all these super complicated questions that she had asked to ministers and pastors. and she asked them to us. and it made me smile so big through the whole lesson because every. single. one. of her impossible to answer questions. answered plain and clear in the book of mormon. such a great experience. next step, some how get her to come to church even though church is a 2 hour walk from her house. 

jubilee got baptized! he got over so many hurtles for this baptism to happen. and it was soooooo cool to be with him through all of it and help him along his path. some of his family(extended not immediate) came to the stake baptism for this other person being baptized and was super surprised that he was there getting baptized. so many hugs and tears of joy. what a great day. 

ok one more story and that's it for this week.
so family william. i've procrastinated telling you guys their story and i promise i will. next week. but! this week when we went to go and teach them, some of their extended family(jenny and tom) had come all the way from the other side of town (like a 30 min bus trip and people here are generally poor and can't afford bus fare) because they(jenny and tom) heard that we were teaching them(family william) that day. missionaries had taught jenny on the other side of town. tom sees the book of mormon on the kitchen counter after coming home super late one night and takes it as a sign that he needed to change his life for the better. 

but jenny's land lord, who is a strong member of another faith, found out that the missionaries were visiting them. and thus told them. 'missionaries stop coming to my land or you guys find another place to rent.' an event like that would usually kill the interest/curiosity of most investigators of this church. but no! these two gems came allllllll the way to eratap just to hear a lil message about the gospel. and they've decided they're gonna make that trip every week until they've been taught enough that they come be baptized. wow. i don't think i'd ever have that much faith if i was in that dude's same situation. such gems of people. im so grateful to be able to work with them and see how they light up with the truths of the gospel. 

if everything works out well(fingers crossed and prayers said daily) we'll have 10 baptisms this saturday. (two families in eratap.) 

attached pictures are stolen from my comp - he has a sick go pro so he takes tons of great pix!

i'll steal his pix of jubilee's baptism before next week. promise. 


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