Sunday, April 3, 2016

Managing Expectations

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Monday, April 4, 2016 12:35 PM (Vanuatu)

Vanuatu. is the best!!!!
so. right now i don't have an sd card reader so i can't send any pictures. which is kinda sad. i've been all over the place. the plane ride was kinda crazy. i wish i could show pictures. one of the sisters on the plane ride with me is from micronesia and micronesia doesn't have and agreement with new zeland to grant visitor visas on the fly. so she got stuck up stairs and we had to check in for her downstairs and check her luggage and stuff.

we got to new zealand at 5 am on wednesday and our plane for vanuatu didn't leave until 1 pm. and check in didn't open until 11. so we were sitting around with our bags and waiting for hours. which kinda sucked but it was pretty ok. getting to know people in my travel group pretty well. i'll tell you their names and stuff when i send pictures. 

the ocean here. it looks exactly like the sky from far away. it's amazing. uhm. so the first night. i met the mission president, went to the office and got some stuff sorted out. putting visas and passports in the safe and stuff. i had passion fruit for the first time for dinner. everything is super cheap here. a big meal of food is 300 vatu. or like. 3$. my mission president is super nice. he's from australia. everyone here has a accent of some sort. american accents are rare. im rare here. hah. 

also, the people here have the coolest hair. it's black like normal african american's hair. but if it gets long enough, the tips of the hair naturally tint carmel color. it's so cool. i wish my hair did that. 

my trainer is elder omilig. he's philipino. he's trying to learn how to play the guitar. we're living kinda in the city of port vila. the place is called south ohlen. well. the name of the area is. i think it's kinda just a suburb of port vila. and the area used to be just ohlen. but the sisters that were serving in this area were mostly proslyting in the north so they split the area. so we don't quite have a area book yet or a area map. but it's all good

since my companion is philipino, he's been trying to get me to learn how to cook philipino style. like. chicken adobo. and such. lots of rice. the milk here is called full cream milk. which i think is the same thing as whole milk in the usa?

i guess i should say something spiritual. well. nothing super spiritual has happened yet. i've been focusing a lot on learning the language. and settling in. currently im out of food so im gonna go shopping later. and since we don't really have an area map or area book, it's hard to know were we're supposed to tract. or supposed to be. hopefully that will all be fixed by next week. 

so the reason i titled this post managing expectations. is cuz. literally everyone here has been like. expect this to happen. this is gonna happen alot in your mission. the best are of the mission is. and all that. and then 5 minutes later someone else tells me the opposite. so. i guess if anything. i've learned that i'll just have to make my own expectations. but this place is amazing. i wish you could see pictures. i'll get a sd card reader. 

that's all for now.

Elder Hyatt Vl

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