Sunday, April 24, 2016


Sunday, April 24, 2016 6:19 PM (MDT)
Monday, April 25, 2016 11:19 AM (Vanuatu)

so. this week.

i tried quite a few new things this week. such as making coconut milk. a fresh coconut is only like 50 vatu (50 cents) here so. i've learned how to effectively open a coconut. and how to make fresh coconut milk. tastes so goodddddd. also i tried a native dish here. called laplap. it's kinda like mashed potatoes. a root crop. but it's banana root or casava root. boiled and then cooked in leaves with hot rocks on top. it's pretty good. the picture of mama jenny is her with a bunch of laplap she just made. it takes a long time to make so i haven't personally made it but it tastes ok. better than semboro. semboro is kinda the same but made of bananas and ground cabbage cooked in leaves. to be honest it(semboro) kinda made me gag the first time i ate it. but the thing is if you don't eat all of the food they give you you're disrespectful. so. but it's all good.

my comp elder omilig is a pretty good cook. he has a lot of philipino recipes up his sleeve due to the fact that he's philipino and so learning how to make those dishes and such. p good. turns out. apparently a lot of missionaries over spend their support here. and so we've had like. a zone training all about it and also a district meeting. but apparently im really cheap with my money. like. we're supposed to use no more than 5000 vatu a week. (50$ USD) and the food here is really cheap. so i buy plenty of food enough for both me and my comp for that much. and then splitting the bill. i guess im pretty thrifty due to my short college life and budgeting and such. 

as far as spiritual experiences. it's been pretty tough this week because we have a few progressing investigators(mama jenny being one) and less actives and recent converts that we visit. but none of them come to church.... it's honestly kinda frustrating and i don't know how to imbue them with the desire to come to church.., but. we've been guided by the spirit. my comp and i. without a doubt. one time i thought that we'd go to one little village to talk with the pikininis (kids, anyone under 16) and we started talking to the pikininis a little and a dude from the village that we had a return appt with once came out and talked to us. he had a lot of religious questions. and honestly searching for truth. like. he'd talked to jehovah's witnesses for 5 years. and he's really researched a lot. great lesson with him. and he talked english. so it was soooooo much easier to express my emotions and thoughts to him. good stuff. 
also. that bug. we sprayed permythrin around our apartment. so that there'd be less bugs. once one misquito bit me 14 times in one night. it was so gratifying to kill that bug. anyway. the big milibug. it's poisonous. and so. right after we sprayed permythrin (bug poison/deterrant) i found that dead in our hallway. fun stuff. 
that's all for nowwwww

Elder HyattVI

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