Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Lord's Work

Sent:    Sunday, April 10, 2016 6:43 PM (MDT)
            Monday, April 11, 2016 11:43 am (Vanuatu) 

this week has been a blast.

so we (me and my companion elder omilig) are re opening an area. so at first we didn't even have an area book. so we were just kinda walking around and talking to people on the street. 
it's so crazy. i now have 28 new investigators. in just one week. wowie. the people here are so humble and nice. one time, when i was leaving a lesson, the person i was teaching said. so do you want some naos or pampamouse? (i don't know if that's how you spell it but that is how they're pronounced) and he then went and pulled a fruit off a tree in his area village place and gave it to me. it was about the size of my head! pampamouse is a citrus. but the pulp is a light green. it's so great.
as far as other foods i've been eating alot. i've been eating a lot of rice. and beef. everything here is really cheap. but not a lot of variety. a weeks worth of food is like. maybe 8000 vatu (80$ USD) for two people. and thats bread milk rice, all the stuff.
im really loving it here. the people are so humble and happy. even though their living situations compared to the USA living conditions are less than appealing. it's so easy to get street contacts and share messages with people. because, they'll be sitting out under a tree in their front yard equivalent because almost no one has A/C so everyone just uses the breeze as A/C. 
my companion tells me my complexion has started to change. i guess im getting tan or something :p haven't gotten sun burnt yet but mosquitoes are the absolute bane of my existence. ugh. but it's all good. 
i guess i've realized compared to others who have arrived to the mission field at the same time as me. i've learned bislama really fast. but the people here speak so so so fast. so i have a hard time understanding what they're saying a lot but i can usually get the gist of what they're saying. 
i loved conference so much. i only got to see priesthood and sunday sessions. but it's all good cuz those sessions were the best ones XD. we had a re broadcast yesterday and watched all of the sessions but i was out teaching during the first two sessions so i didn't get to watch them. 
something kinda funny. is the women tend to sit outside and talk and the men are... i don't know. but whence we sit down with them and start teaching one or two people, 4 or 5 others come out and sit around and listen to our message. no pressure right? just 7-8 people listening intently to your broken bislama. it's all good. 
ok so spiritual experiences. so here in vanuatu, a lot of the houses aren't immediately accessible from the road. so me and my comp are walking down a paved road and i see a little dirt road and i tell my comp. lets go this way. so we went down the little road and we saw a dude lying under a tree. we taught him the lesson. it was probably the most spiritual lesson i've had so far. and after. he was beaming like. yes. you are coming back. i need to hear more. but alas. he doesn't live in our area. he was just visiting a friend. we referred him on but im pretty sure he's gonna enter the waters of baptism :)
i don't know it in the moment but im being guided by the spirit. i ask for it every day. mi save se lo tabu spirit blesem me tumas. mi save se papa god nedim mi stap lo hea nao.
that's all for now~

Elder Hyatt VI

PS - if you guys decide to send me a care package, pls put a picture of Christ on the outside. less likely to get stolen if you do that.

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