Sunday, May 22, 2016

i don't have a clever title for this week

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Monday, May 16, 2016 1:17 PM (Vanuatu)

so this week was pretty interesting. it was the birthday of one of the sisters in my district on wednesday so at district meeting we had a little celebration ft. food. good stuff. 

last monday after emailing and such, we went to the national museum of vanuatu and saw some pretty cool stuff. a 3d ish (relief) map of vanuatu on the wall and some pretty cool pieces of vanuatu culture that i didn't know about. like. how the circular thing on the flag is a pig tusk. because in olden times. pigs were basically the currency. and trading pigs for marriage and such. good stuff. there was also a dude there who knew and showed us a little how to sand write. or sand draw. like. super intricate drawings in sand done by one fingertip that never leaves the sand. like. cursive writing but. sand. and your finger not a pen... anyway

so this week i got kinda sick. well. me and my companion both. i think we bought some milk that was out of date or something. so didn't do as much proselyting as previous weeks due to that. 

on saturday, we had a really intense lesson. so we walked past a little like. pavillion thing? made of concerete and wood and such. and there was 20 or so dudes sitting under it in the shade and they were cooking something. and me and my companion both got the impression to go talk to them but niether of us really wanted to because we knew how it would turn out. anyway. we walked a bit slower and waved and the leader of the group beckoned us over and told us to share something with them. so. we sat down. these are all 20+ dudes smoking and such and we walk over and sit down. 

we start the lesson and they have quite a few questions. some of them the same questions that everyone here asks. and trying to address them and get the constant attention of all of the people there. but i think it went pretty ok. hopefully when we come back we'll be able to answer all their questions without bible bashing them. woot~ our area is pretty small so at times it feels like we've already talked to everyone but it's all good.

my bishop said that he's gonna dedicate every 4th sunday sacrament meeting to missionary work. which is really great because member missionary work is by far the most effective.

oh yeah. also i got a haircut. and so i took a selfie in order to show you guise how i look now. i dunno. that's all for now

Elder Hyatt VI

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