Monday, May 16, 2016

just relax.

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Monday, May 16, 2016 11:33 AM (Vanuatu)

so. this week. well every week.
goes by both really slow and really fast. like. on tuesday it feels like it's been forever and then all of a sudden it's saturday. 

so this week we had quite a few happenings worth mentioning. so one old guy this week. like the land lord for one of of my investigators. we went to visit our investigator and the old dude was waiting at the edge of his property and told us emphatically that he didn't want us there and that we weren't welcome. but in really fast bislama that i didn't pick up all of it. but yeah. that was an experience. and it woulda been mildly discouraging but the thing is we ran into our investigator on the street a day or so later and she was like. ''he's old and catholic he doesn't like any missionaries. but i don't care. you guys come back next week on my day off but come from the other side of his property and i'll be waiting and we can talk just off his property.'' :) that was p funny and encouraging and such.

so my apartment is really close to the mission office compared to other apartments of missionaries and so whenever there is a elder or elders that are traveling to a different island, or just arriving from the mtc or just finishing their mission, they stay at our house for a night or two and then leave. so we had 3 travel elders who were brand new from the mtc and we hosted them for two nights. it was weird. and fun because. they didn't know a single bit of bislama and it's like. realizing how much of bislama i actually know and can teach a little bit. 

'nother happening. the pictures. so there was a couple in my district's area that the husband is a amputee and the wife had a stroke a while ago. so it's really hard for them to do yard work. so we (most of my district and some of another district) came and helped cut grass, weed and such. and then after piling it all up and burning it because the trash service here costs 100vatu for one trash bag and a lot of people can't afford that.  anyway. the pictures. were all of the people that were there helping and also a picture of me being a pyro and using only a coal and a dead coconut branch to light a fire. good stuff.

 another thing! you can get fresh peanuts here! for like 100 vatu! so  that picture is how they come when you buy them from the market. they taste kinda like less sweet sugar snap peas if you don't cook them at all. but i cooked half of them with some oil and a little sugar and made a really basic peanut brittle of sorts. it was p good. 

so as far as the whole 100vatu for a trash bag. me and my companion didn't know about that and we didn't know how to throw out the trash so it kinda just accumulated in our back yard for like. a whole transfer(6 weeks) and then we bought some of the special trash bags and it was super gross throwing it all out. tied grocery bags around my wrists so i could grab the stuff without it touching my hands. filled 3 really big trash bags. but now our apartment is really clean so. it's all good.

and for those of you at home who want to learn a bit what it's like to learn bislama. one house we visited had those hung up. like kindergarten level stuff but bislama. 

spiritual stuff. so i now have 6 investigators that could be progressing a ton. but they are always busy or out of town or some such and never come to church. so. yeah. one thing that i've really learned in my personal study is that all things that we make in the gospel. this church. going to church. following the commandments. praying. are all acts of faith. and greater faith brings greater blessings. so. faith. important stuff. 

and lst but not least. i asked one elder who has been on his mission for a long time. for 20 months already. and asked him what one piece of advice did he think i could benefit from the most. and he said "don't be strict. just relax." and i've been over-analyzing that for a while. 

that's all for nowwwww

Elder Hyatt VI

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