Sunday, May 8, 2016

new beginnings

Sent: Sunday, May 08, 2016 6:37 PM (MDT)
Monday, May 09, 2016 11:37 AM (Vanuatu)
so saturday was transfers. 
and just taking this marker as like. looking back on what i've done. what i've learned and who i've helped over the last 6 weeks. and like. yeah i've taught a lot of lessons. learned a language. and grown in my testimony. but it's kinda discouraging because none of my investigators are progressing. they love what we're telling them. love meeting with us. then suddenly they are never home. don't want to come to church. and they become former investigators. sigh. new challenges every day. 

since im training im not gonna be leaving this area this transfer. but it's just kinda crazy to think. my mission is already 1/16th over. ahhh!!!! season of excitement. one statement i read once said that according to some obscure scripture, we know that 1000 years is one day for God. so a mission. is like. 2 minutes of god's time. so better make the most of it. because i only have 2 minutes to be his missionary.

so. book of mormon readings. due to my fear of 2 nephi, i started in mosiah when i came to vanuatu. and this week i finished moroni. and jacob to mosiah. fell asleep while reading jacob 5. hah... but the end of jacob 5 really stuck out to me. jacob 5L72. that we are laboring and the lord is laboring right along side with us. really weird to think about. that god is laboring next to me. doing his hardest to try and help these people as much as i am. 

as far as the people im helping. so the people of vanuatu don't have a lot of things to take up their time here. so that means they tend to drift to breaking word of wisdom and law of chastity and such. and pretty much none of the guys here want religion. i mean like. young guys. most of the people we teach are widows or mamas or old dudes. it's all good. the lord works in his timing. 

as far as the pictures:
some pretty good views here. that one big building with the blue roof kinda dome looking or cone looking? my house is like a 20 min walk past that. n i took that picture from inside my area. lotsa walking. i've befriended quite a few dogs. the baptismal pic. sorry. getting off topic. so the two sister missionaries in the picture. it was their convert and the district leader who woulda done the baptism was swamped with appointments so they sisters asked if i could do it. my first baptism but not really mine cuz i didn't teach them. i had to re do the ordinance 3 times because her hair didn't go under. 

and the last picture is of me and my district. good stuff. i dunno. i dunno what else to say so, i guess that's all for now.

if anyone wants to send me anything. 
Elder Matthew Hyatt
Vanuatu Port Vila Mission Office
P.O. Box 1412
Port Vila, Vanuatu

have a great week!

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