Sunday, March 5, 2017

the big one two punch

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         Monday, March 06, 2017 1:10 PM (Vanuatu)

that's right kids. the one two punch has finally come. 12 moneys. well. it's this thursday. 

lemme tell you story. a story of life. and of water. and of bad directions. so. i'll start at the end and then jump back to the beginning. in medias rea? i think that's what it's called. so on satuday we had a baptism. it was pretty freakin grand. his mom and brother and little sister came too. he's such a chill little kid. his name is junior. ok now back to the start.

here on santo, we as a zone have our district meetings at the same time at the one large chapel near downtown. so right before district meeting starts, there's all the missionaries milling about and chatting and such waiting for 10 o clock on the dot to start district meeting. so a sister who formerly served in banban comes up and asks. 'do you want a baptism this transfer.?' and i say, yes? and she goes on to explain about a boy named junior and how they had taught him and perpared him for baptism and then like a day before his baptismal service he moved to the bush. a real tragedy. so i tell her. alright gimme his address/directions to his house. so she hasn't been in banban for almost a year so her directions are terrible. but. i follow her directions the next day... and...

we walk up to this house. basically the whole family chilling outside under a tree/corrugated tin roof. and we ask. 'is there a junior who lives here?' and the little 10 year old boy reasonably startled stays quiet and then his mom says yeah that's junior. we teach them. get a return appointment. ect... missionary work. we come to find out later that this junior was the wrong junior. the directions were meant to lead us two houses up the road. but. now. the wrong(or should i say, the right) junior is standing in the waters of baptism and his family too and just. wow. good work team. 

in other related investigator news, in a previous email i referenced to the lost hunnit or in scriptural terms. the lost coin in the form of a part member less active family. and so this week we taught them about keeping the sabbath holy and such. committed them to come to church. not really thinking that they would come because of surrounding circumstantial evidence. yet! sunday morning like a hour before church starts when i had just gotten out of the shower. there they are standing in their sunday best at the edge of our yard(they live like. around the corner from us so. yeah.) elder naikasau and i freak out a little, giddy laughter for like 5 seconds then he jumps in the shower and we go to church. just. so much great stuff this week. 

also my truck returns into my hands this wednesday! and i fixed a bike! and this saturday/sunday is district conference!  and we're hopefully gonna have some more people ready for baptism by the saturday after district conference! huzzah!

this computer is really really slow about loading files so. i'll send pix soon. 

that's all for this week. hope you enjoyed reading that there book.

elder hyatt vi

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