Sunday, March 19, 2017

*running around in baptismal clothes*

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         Monday, March 20, 2017 12:33 PM (Vanuatu)

hello friends.

sorry i didn't send my email last week there was a public holiday...
making it such that the email shop was closed and therefore, no email.

so i'll try and update about what has happened. we had district conference. in which our mission pres came and gave some scathing rebukes and some heartfelt encouragements. great guy. great meetings.

this week we've had 2 people enter the waters of baptism. socilla terif and saelin wakon. great people. if the internet was faster i'd send some pix too but. #tragic. this week we've been working a lot with members as our area is too ridiculously huge to do contacting work effectively. so we have some amazing members who love to feed the missionaries and share the gospel with their friends. from one mama who was contacted in november, baptized in january and is now basically the relief society president, there's gonna be another person who will most likely be baptized before i send my next email to you all. great stuff. this other person is really really old. and lovesssss to talk. a lot. like. so many thoughts de-railed and discussions changing course. but she's the best. and she has said that the mormon church is gonna be the last church she joins. she has no front teeth.but she always smiles. her name is myna. she's the best.

in vanuatu there's a custom that when someone dies there's certain days afterward which the death is remembered and celebrated? like. 10 days. 1 month. 3 months, and the last, 100 days. so this saturday we attended a 100 days kakae and it was amazing. so much food. and many members(less active and active too) coming but none recognized as mormons. when us the missionaries got up to leave and go to our appointments, i could hear quite a few people mutterin/saying 'oh the mormons are leaving now..' we should all be unashamed of the testimony of christ! all of us who are members have (hopefully) been changed by grace. i am a testimony of christ, of his atonement's power. i invite you all to be unashamed of your testimony!

that's all for now.

elder hyatt vi

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