Sunday, March 5, 2017

transfers, fake outs and firesides

Sent: Sunday, February 26, 2017 9:31 PM (MST)
         Monday, February 27, 2017 3:30 PM (Vanuatu)

so.... transfer calls came on friday. annnnddddddd guess what.
i'm a zone leader now!!! oh my goshhhhhh!!! ahhh! just kidding. i'm staying. that was basically what happened. the zone leaders came to give us the transfers and told me that i was the new zone leader and that a elder who is currently in vila would be coming and staying in banban with naikasau. and i believed it and gave the key to my truck to the zone leaders and then... they laughed and said basically. 'lol jk you two are staying in banban. no transfers.' *eye twitching with annoyance* but it's ok. the banban east elders are now transferring and therefore, our area just got twice as big. good thing we have a truck ehhhh???

so this week we spent some time going on splits with the banban east elders to learn/know their area better and such annnddddd it's a really big area. really big.
if you look on the good ol google, and search santo-pekoa international airport. and then look at the google maps of it. everything right of the airport? that's my area. 🙃😓
but the work moves forward. right now my companion and i are working with 4 people who are progressing at different rates. hopefully they will all come unto christ and follow him through the ordinance of baptism soon!

on sunday, we had most righetous 😎 fireside ever. fireside being the name of the meeting. no actual wood was burned during the meeting. it was about how to share the BoM wit yo freends. it was a grand ol taem. hopefully so many people come to know the truth through the efforts of our sweet lil branj.

on another note, in my personal study, i've been learning a lot about the basics. what it means to have faith. real faith. and what exactly we have faith in. and related subjects. i'm very grateful for the wisdom of those whom have gone before.

it's been a eventful couple days since i last emailed. w00t. ale gud dei~
hemia nomo!
last kakae blo olgeta we bae aot
ain't he cute? fell in, drank a bunch of oil then couldn't get out. the kids were tring to stab it in the eye with a stick.
the email struggle

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