Sunday, August 21, 2016

goals and productivity

Sent: Sunday, August 21, 2016 6:28 PM (MDT)
         Monday, August 22, 2016 11:28 AM (Vanuatu) 
hello one and all. welcome to an email!
how are you doing? are you good? ya happy? i hope so.

anywho! my week! lots of stuff happened! missionary work! i don't remember all that much but just stuff that happened on saturday and sunday so. anyway.
zone training at the beginning of the week! yay! got some more liahonas and some books of mormon and announcements!
wednesday it rained and rained and rained. it's the equivalent of spring right now? i think? so theres a lot of rain and a lot of clouds. which is actually kinda nice. we waited out the rain for a bit with one of our investigators leya. good stuff.
over all this week i've been taking stock of my teaching powers/abilities and it's the 1/2 way mark of my first born and he's so great. on thursday we went to crossroads, the farthest little village thing from our house(i think like a 12 hour walk? if we walked? thank goodness for trucks!) that village is like 2 hours walk from the chapel and theres only like 2 or 3 members of the church there. we had some really spiritually intense lessons. p good. we only spent like 2 hours there because we really needed to get a ride back before dark. but it was really awesome.
on saturday, we went on splits with the zone leaders, one of whom worked in our area before us. i went with elder harding and elder 'atuake went with elder thomas. really good stuff. learned a lot and got a whole heck ton done over the course of the day between the four of us.
sunday was district conference! all like, 700ish? members from all the northern islands of vanuatu came and it was really awesome. some of our investigators came and some of our less active members who haven't come to church in like forever, came and i was super happy. after, we went to kevin anderson(plantation/village thing named after the dude who owns the plantation) and had a really awesome lesson with mama dayla. my branch, well, it's actually a unit right now, is really awesome and im super grateful to be here and be able to grow every day.
that's pretty much it,

Elder Hyatt VI
yep. pictures.
1.      cool sunn clouds n stuff while we were waiting for a taxi
2.      selfie with some missionaries at district conference before it started
3.      like 10 minutes before it started, more people kept coming in

4.      looking out the back of my apartment at 2 animal friends

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