Wednesday, August 31, 2016

zone conference and milestones

Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2016 4:41 PM (MDT)
         Wednesday, August 31, 2016 9:41 AM (Vanuatu)

this week seemed really short and really long. time passes weird in general as missionaries.
honestly i can't remember all that much that happened this week and the journal that i recorded it all in is at my apartment so.
we had quite a few new investigators this week. relatively. it was kinda great. like one time we went to a return appointment but she wasn't there. and when we were asking her husband about her and such, her coworker's husband was standing nearby and it started to rain. you people in america don't know what rain is. anyway. he(our investigator's coworker's husband) invited us to go and hide in his house and wait out the rain! and that was a really awesome teaching opportunity. and he had a lot of really good questions and we had to be like. 'good questions. good stuff. that question is answered in lesson 2, different section of our doctrine. we'll talk about that next time.' really great stuff.
the truck to take all the investigators to sacrament actually came this week! we had 40 attendance at sacrament! it was really awesome. like. dang son. i also taught sunday school and priesthood. had a really good lesson with a investigator that can now be deemed progressing! his name is also matthew and he put on his only button up shirt to talk to us. he's p awesome.
hey guys. don't forget that the book of mormon is the most important thing in our religion(a religion being a system of beliefs-thanks dictionary). its truthfulness and feeling the holy ghost is basically the whole goal of missionary work.
zone conference!!! my mission pres is better than your mission pres! he is really awesome and i got a lot of revelation and application points of how i need to and can improve to become. 'remember who you are and what god expects you to become'  -thomas s monson
oh yeah. parents/all others who can and want to look at the fb page. i found out that the mission president's wife maintains a facebook page of the mission. vanuatu port vila mission 2015-2018. look it up and maybe find more pictures and videos of yours truly? i don't know i can't go on it. but you can!
theres other stuff i could talk about but. eh. live is good. life is looking up. zone conference pumps me up to be a better missionary. to try new things. to be better. to work harder. yep.

that's all for now!
elder hyatt vi

1.      a spring(river?) thing next to the road that we got some much needed refreshment from
2.      it was so cloudy and rainy you couldn't see aore.(the other island across the bay channel thing. i failed geography)
3.      cool beach picture
4.      zone conference lunch
5.      zone conference
6.      zone conference
7.      zone conference

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