Monday, August 15, 2016

where to start

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this week tho. lots of stuff.
a bunch of other missionaries do this whole day by day thing so let's see how that works out.

so on monday we went to berol and went fishing for a p day activity! theres a bunch of coral and really colorful tiny fish like everywhere. didn't catch anything tho. but it was pretty fun. people here don't use fishing poles. just fishing line wrapped around a small bottle and if the fish swims away with the bottle, just wait till he gets tired then pull him in.
we met mama eloty! she's really cool. she has a really awesome family and her kids are great. we sat on a bench under a tree during the lesson and during the lesson. a bird took a really really big dump on my comp's shirt. i just about died laughing. it's all good tho it washed out eventually.
went all the way to nasonun. it was a pretty great day. a truck picked us up and took us all the way there. taught some less actives. cuz everything is really far away, a lot of members say they can't come to church cuz it's too far of a walk so. we're working with the district president to try and get a transport to go to all of the different villages to take everyone to church. the kids here in the farther villages(tanavoli and nasonun) have a ces/seminary class thing once a week taught by one of the mamas and it's really really great! because like. the kids invite their friends and so we have like 4 referrals from that class and all of the referrals for sure want to know more about the gospel so it's really really awesome.
heh.. didn't get much done on thrusday. kinda had a emergency we had to take care of. but we went and taught one papa who works to smoke cobra. like. he stands up there while the fires going and moves around the coconut for optimal smoky flavor? orsomething? i don't really know. but all that stuff is coconut.
weekly planning fun!!!! it was a pretty relaxed day cuz we didn't leave the apartment until 1pm but it was good. time well spent to plan for the future so we can be very focused when we're out in the villages! taught mama eloty again. she's really awesome. her husband is like a night security dude so he's kinda hard to get a hold of.. it's kinda frustrating/annoying when people make an appointment with you and then you show up and they're deliberately not there...
we went to crossroads! the farthest village for the first time! it was really really far and there's only a few members there but it was really worth it. a humbling experience sitting with a mama who faithfully walks for 2 hours to church every sunday. it's also kinda funny when little kids who haven't seen a white person before see me and are like. 'GASPPPP MAMA MAMA'
sacrament and such. the transport is still in the works so we had sacrament at berol with the authority of the district pres. walked to mama dayla and talked with a bunch of members that were gathered. it's super weird being the person people look to for the final say in decisions. weirddddd
been studying about grace and the atonement this week
i doubt i'll write a letter like this one again. #toolong

oh well.
that's all for now.
Elder Hyatt VI

1.      coconut smoking place to get it (cobra) ready for exporting
2.      the cobra
3.      mama eloty and her family
4.      really cool lookin sunset when we were leaving usa(oosha)
5.      me fishing
6.      me and my comp fishing
8.      awesome cliff thing down to the beach in one of my villages

9.      a really really good dish mama dayla gave us. she called it buniea or something. it's like kumala cooked with coconut cream in the middle. it was super super goodddddd - hard to make in america cuz you gotta dig a pit and heat up a bunch of stones and a bunch of coconuts and banana leaves. but yeah.

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