Sunday, August 7, 2016

the rains came down and the smiles came up

Sent: Sunday, August 07, 2016 6:32 PM (MDT)
     Monday, August 08, 2016 11:32 AM (Vanuatu)

this week has been an experience. we're doing our best to strengthen the branch here and as in all branches and wards, the branch/ward is only as strong as the families within it. so we've been working with our less active families a lot and doing our best to uplift and strengthen them.

for 3 days of the week this week it was really rainy and windy and cold. one mama said my hair looks like that of a wet cat when it's wet. heh. kinda funny. we've bought a bush knife and the long term benefits of that purchase have been very evident. so when we walk down the road and there's some coconut trees, if we find some navara, we can just cut it open and eat right there, a very big blessing when walking the long road far from our house.

my mission president counseled me to re-teach the lessons to the less actives and the benefits/blessings of that counsel are plentiful. these people were baptized forever ago, and haven't heard the basic principles of the gospel in a long time. wonderful and spiritual experiences during those lessons lemme tell you. so i'd recommend all who read this to somehow find the missionary pamphlets and spend some time studying the basics if you have time for personal study.

my companion is tongan right? so in tongan people eat/roast pigs all the time and we/i havent had good pork in months. so we're trying to find a pig to eat. like. going to a village. asking how much one of their pigs would be. bargaining a price. a lot of them are pretty expensive. trying to find a good cheap one to partake of.

one thing that i can definitely testify of is the power of prayer. while cutting navara one time, (knife in one hand, coconut in the other) the knife kinda missed and hit my arm. luckily, we had remembered to pray for protection that morning and the knife didn't even break my skin. the lord protects and blesses those who do his (missionary)work and follow his commandments.

i've had the opportunity to study some old liahonas from general conferences in the past. while listening to general conference is certainly an experience and should be watched, But! in reading, there is the scripture references that they don't say in their short 10 minute talk that have been a great blessing to study.

i'm really starting to love these people. now all i have to do is show them the love the savior has for them. im up for the opportunity. im grateful to be here. im grateful for all that i have and have experienced. we are all enlisted!

that's all for now!

helping a mama get water in the rain at a river
a beach at one of the villages-lots of coral
more beach with one of the little boats they use(called kenu)((pronounced ken oo))
scenic river shot

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