Sunday, February 5, 2017

the lost hunnid, squirtle squad and temporal darkness

Sent: Sunday, February 05, 2017 3:19 PM (MST)
         Monday, February 06, 2017 9:19 AM (Vanuatu)

hello friends. this week has been a very eventful and busy week. i'll only talk about a couple things.

first. so this week had the first of the month in it! so you know what that means! paying bills! and missionaries have been in this house that i'm living in for exactly 3 months of unpaid bills! meaning, the power company truck came by and turned off our power in the middle of the day while we were out proselyting and.. we came back and lived in temporal darkness for a night. it actually wasn't that bad. the tile floor was nice and cool and our meat in the freezer didn't go bad! huzzah! it was fixed within the next day. there was a error in the whole. who gets sent the bill thing. anywho.

the lost hunnid. so theres this dude. that's like 1/2 of all vanuatu but ok it gets better. so his name is evong. he was baptized back in 2010. legit. then he moved in with some one, had some kiddies, back slid to his old days of sin and smoke and stopped coming to church. not so legit. so we're talking with the former branch president (that's a whole other story) and he tells us about evong and so we go. to his house. he and all his buddies/the whole freakin community is gambling. but! we're warmly welcomed, given a huge plate of rice and... soup. ate that. still gambling. we left. as we were leaving, they invited us back that night to come and 'stori gud' so we came back. everyone else was still gambling but our less active and his woman were sitting on a mat waiting for us. we teach him. he admits his flaws (with us not asking him to tell us them) and tells us that he wants us to teach his wife so she can be baptized and they all come back to church. #str8 hunnids they're the best. lots of hope for them!

one more story then i gotta go. also side note i lost my 1/2 broken adapter

soo...there's this dude in our area. a while ago, before we went to gaua, we were teaching his wife. we go back to teach her again, and he's standing there with a bush knife ready to cut a bro. no just kidding. he's sleeping in a hammock and hears us coming up. we teach him and his wife. he's like. super interested in tithing and fasting (asking questions about the rich mormon church, asking if he joins the church will he become rich) but we commit him to fasting with us about his land dispute. really great lesson. slo slo nomo. no hariap tumas.

life is good. that's all for now!

elder hyatt vi

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