Wednesday, February 22, 2017

im so behind on my journal right now.

Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2017 5:18 PM (MST)
         Wednesday, February 22, 2017 11:18 AM (Vanuatu)

so many things. ok whatever comes to mind. no script. #lezzgo
so yesterday was zone conference. well. yesterday and monday. on manday we got to watch the 2017 missionary broadcast and let me tell you. it was fan-diddly-tastic. like. so many notes and impressions of how to improve with specific investigators and their needs in mind. #fire #spiritoffire and then yesterday zone conference ended at like. 9. and trying to find a bus back to banban. at 9 at night. in the rain. it was a expereince. eventually begged the zone leaders to give us a ride until they did. woot.

ohyeah! on saturday! we had a baptism?!? and it was amaze. this bro. is the bro of all bros. the best bro. he's the best. his name is kenson(kenny) my comp and i along with 4 other companionships had a baptism on saturday. such a happy day. so many smiles and selfies.

on thursday? we went up to the bush with a caulking gun and some hot glue and fixed a missionary house. like. the whole house. with only caulk and hot glue. #legendary. so there's 2 sisters who used to serve in banban who are going home the first of march so. a mama in my area requested that they come and have a. last kakae. had laplap sosore. it was amazing. we (being 6 missionaries and the mama's family) didn't finish the whole thing. it's made from a root crop called manyoke so. very heavy on the stomach. but really delicious even though in the picture it doesn't really look that great. but if it's hot and fresh. it's pretty amaze.

transfer calls don't come until saturday but i'm 95% sure im staying due to some ,perhaps unintentional, hints dropped by president.

i think i'll send some more pix cuz i'm too lazy to explain. sorry friends.
have a good day~ bonne journee!
that's all for now!

elda hyatt vi
me n my bro kenny
laplap sosore
gettin new plates on the truck(annual registration etc...)
cotton candy sunset in the bush
it's the flash!
lots of zone conference pix.
we did a fijian dance thing hence the cool leaves and grass skirts.

that's alllllll

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