Friday, February 17, 2017

the rising

Sent: Sunday, February 12, 2017 8:05 PM (MST)
         Monday, February 13, 2017 2:05 PM (Vanuatu)

so i have no experience whatsoever with farm work but i think this is how milk works. so like. if you leave un touched cow milk for a while. i think? it's true that the cream rises to the top and then you can take the cream and leave the skim milk for some vegetarian. right?

if so that was this week. some people rising to the top, progressing. becoming better. and all that and some other people are just. skim milk. i'm sorry i enjoy extended idioms/euphemisms/etc.. anywho.
so theres this mama named misha. she's pretty chill. i think i wrote about her last week but not by name. we went by her house this week and it was kinda raining which is crap because here in vanuatu everyone basically lives outside. the only things indoors being the thin foam mattresses they sleep on. anywho. it was raining and she denied us teaching cuz rain so made a appointment for the next morning. came back and found she'd moved to her sisters house after some epic family troubles. really sad... we're gonna go and try and find her sister's house this week cuz she's #worthit

then there's my b0i kenson. he's the best ever. he's gonna be baptized this saturday. he's the bomb diggity. like. i can just see him filling out his missionary papers and goin to another country and sharing the gospel. #seetheminwhite he's the best. and he had 2 friends who were wanting to study with the missionaries too but the sad thing is that they(the two friends) don't live at kenson's house and they don't have a phone so we can't call them and i wish we could teach them more. that whole squad is just. amaze.

other news. last monday we had the best district activity ever. it was also really really wet cuz of the rain and rivers and the cave but it was the best. anywho. see some pix. too lazy to explain. i'll probs send home the sd card with all of the pix at some future date.

zone conference is next week! wooooooo we get to watch the world wide missionary brodcast! it's gonna be the best. this transfer has gone super super fast. like. what the what. there's only one more week. wowie,.

sorry a book. talk later (i e next wednesday!)
that's all for now.

elder hyatt vi

(some legit timed camera pix from a while ago ft. the filipinos)
my district is the best district
crossing a really big river by a couple pieces of bamboo
pre hike squad

we goin on a trip

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