Tuesday, May 23, 2017

transfers transfers

Sent: Sunday, May 21, 2017 4:52 PM (MDT)
          Monday, May 22, 2017 9:52 AM (Vanuatu)

i don't like transfers cuz i have to move..... aka pack all my stuff. 

but they're also great cuz you can clean out all your junk and you get a new area and new people to meet and care for and teach. so i guess kinda mixed emotions.

this has been the shortest time i've been with one companion/companions. only one lil transfer. elder dapena is staying in pango my pikinini (my child for those of you who don't speak bislama) is already in the solomon islands... and i'm going to etas. never been to etas. don't even really know where it is but it's somewhere on efate! 

so elder joseph left to the solomons on sunday morning and it felt supeerrrr weird not having two companions. but at the beginning of the transfer it felt superrrr weird to have two. perspective weird.

this week went pretty quick. had some really awesome family house nights. also thomson and letangi are amazing. by far my fave investigators this transfer. they ask so many great questions and they wanna learn more and they look forward to coming to church and our lessons and they the best. i'm super bummed i gotta leave them.... 

another really cool group of peeps we found/met were/are ann marie and her squad. the previous missionaries had taught them back in like February but they only put the name in the area book not where they live or stuff so it was a adventure. and yeah they're really cool and we had a chance to give ann marie's child who was super sick for like a solid week a priesthood blessing and it was the most precious moment. her mom explaining to this lil 5 year old child about blessings in simple terms. and the next day we get a text from her thanking us profusely for the blessing that her child was well again. so great. and also like. this mama. we didn't specifically ask her to come to church yet but she asked us. 'can i come to church?'😇😃 yes yes you can sister. so great. 

we helped a less active do a home improvement project. when it rains water would run into his house! 😕 so we helped dig a lil trench and put concrete blocks so now his house is nice and dry! all the time! so great. great week. looking forward to getting into my new area tomorrow and my new companion(my first white man companion elder west from idaho) just. #jazzedboutlife

that's all for now! 

elder hyatt vi

1.      seafoooooooddddd
2.      eat all the colorful fishes
3.      my lil district. so smol
4.      that feel when you lose your shoe

5.      service project(very grateful for gloves)

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