Monday, May 15, 2017

cannot describe.

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         Monday, May 15, 2017 9:43 AM (Vanuatu)

i'm super bummed cuz my card reader isn't working and i took some slick pix this week. oh well. 

hi friends. highlights of the week as they come to mind. 

exchanges! went of exchanges with the zone leaders and had a grand ol time. i just feel kinda bad for my zone leader elder gray cuz he's kinda portly and the whole bike situation did not agree with his physique. but! he endured and we had a lot of success. 

we found henry and nerry! this awesome lil family. we went to go teach some long time former investigators. like talked with missionaries over a year ago. and we go to their house and....... they not home. but! their sister(?) and her husband were there cuz they live/rent at the same place and we taught them! and they had never heard or seen the missionaries before and they had a ton of amazing questions and like. when we shared some truths about some different things they were confused about for a long time i could just see the light growing. does that make sense? like. i cannot describe. :))))

it's mother's day! i get to talk to my family! yayayayay! i have no idea what im gonna talk to them about but i get to talk to them! yea!

there was something really heartbreaking that happened with one of our investigators this thursday and we.. well i specifically felt really bad for the dude and really wanted to help him but didn't know how so me and my comps kneeled down and prayed about it and then on sunday he came to church with his family and everything was all good. so happy to see him. 

i guess that's the weird thing about missionary work cuz you get to open your heart up to people you barely know. and then they maybe open up to you and then all you want is for to help them to be better feel better get over all the bad stuff in their life. and then when they do. it's just. cannot describe. life is good. life is short. gotta make it good. :)

that's all for now.

elder hyatt vi

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