Monday, May 1, 2017

re duce re find re teach

Sent: Sunday, April 30, 2017 6:18 PM (MDT)
         Monday, May 1, 2017 11:18 AM (Vanuatu)

tbh this week we didn't do a whole ton of stuff. basically we found a bunch of less actives and organized a baptismal service.

here in pango there is a bunch of less actives. a bunch. so we spent a considerable amount of time this week going through the ward directory and finding out what we could from members and such. lots of work of organizing and re finding people. 

aaannndddd the baptismal service. so a bunch of missionaries all over efate had baptisms. but there's only one baptismal font on the island. so all of them came to the same font at the same time and held a giant stake baptismal service. like 6 sets of missionaries and 13 people getting baptized. it was quite a experience. 

my lil pikinini elder joseph is doin great. he's gonna be going to the solomon islands in like. 2 weeks and so. trying my best to boil down everything i've learned in the past 14 months and give it to him in 6 weeks. puts a lot of stuff into perspective. 

it's cyclone season still so it's really rainy and it's also fall here so it's really cold. when i first came here last year i didn't think it was that cold but now. oh boy it's freeeeeeezzzzinnnngggg

yep lil email that's all k bye

1.      cutest smile.
2.      stake baptism.
3.      guess that food! (it's naloat. it's delicious.)
4.      i put a ninja cat in the tree and he was just like. thanks bruh it's comfy up here.
5.      selfie

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