Monday, May 15, 2017

storm chasing and #ldsconf

Sent: Sunday, May 07, 2017 6:44 PM (MDT)
           Monday, May 08, 2017 11:44 AM (Vanuatu)

well. more like hiding in our house while it storms outside.

yes for those of you who are unfamiliar with the international weather. here in the south pacific there's a girl named donna who's rippin up vanuatu. it's a cyclone. not a girl. but it's named a girl so. 

anyway. it hasn't really hit me that much at all. it's mainly been absolutely destroying torba. which is a province i used to serve in. my poor friends in gaua.... their houses are probs wrek'd. but! good for torba but bad for us, donna is comin down south. right now santo (where i spent july-march) is getting wrek'd. but! guess what! donna's coming to vila!!! yay!!! jk. not yay. we can't proselyte when it's raining off and on super hard all day and so we spent most of this week sitting in our house.... 

some people that we did teach this week tho. idk if i talked about him before but. thomson. super legit and interested guy. before we had just been teaching him but we asked if we could find a time where we could teach him and his wife/family and we did! and it was so so so great cuz his neighbor(the member who initially brought thomson to church) let us use his house for teaching and it was a small and a lil cramped but everyone was so focused on the lesson and it was such a great lesson. high high hopes for that guy and his fam. great peeps. man. 

another really cool thing about being in vila is that i run into people who i used to know like all the time! like the ni van papa that basically taught me how to understand bislama back when i was a lil newborn in april of last year (wowie time flies)or the sister that i taught back when it was me and edler atuake in south santo. it's so grand to see old friends and see how far they've come. so great.

also! friends. if you have not listened to and studied general conference. do it. do it now. do it right now. i got a chance to listen to 2 of the 5 sessions this week while huddling in my house and man! that is some A++ stuff right there. as i email right now i'm downloading the other sessions so i can listen to the rest. a talk by a dude named sabin(don't remember his whole name or his calling so.) was great. and also basically the whole priesthood session was solid gold. yep.

that's about all for this week. woot. 

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5.      so windy. it feels amazing when it's just the wind but the rain is annoying. 

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