Saturday, June 24, 2017

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yep. i said it.

heloo friends! this week went by fast. i don't know what to say! whatever comes to mind in scatterbraind order ready go

so we went exploring to try and get to know our area better cuz there's no maps of all the bush roads so we went exploring. we found the dump! if anyone who reads this who is in waste management, they need you help here. like. i dunno know to describe it. there's just. a gate. everything on the other side is legal and designated place to dump stuff. but it's not a land fill. it's just lil mountains of plastic and metal. and like one of the daily activities for people here is to sift through the new stuff that arrives basically hourly for food for pigs and for anything useful. i don't know how i feel about it. just a different way of life i guess. 
while exploring we found a ton of people! and got lost but people here are nice and directed us back to the road. side note. lost missionary is a great conversation opener for finding efforts. 

something kinda humorous but awesome that has happened multiple times this week. we go to a return appointment for a couple people. all family but like. extended family. kindred. i dunno how to describe it. so then one or two out of the couple people we had previously met are there. sit down and start a lesson/message/story whatever you wanna call it. and then mid story. other people just. come and sit down. but not directly infront of us but like. out to the side or behind us or in the kitchen close by. and so we like. face the people we originally had a appointment to but then dude off to the side asks a question. it's just. so great but so hard to manage/direct the lesson... so yeah! 

we had a baptism this week! a progressing investigator from the time of the previous missionaries. such a great mama. so passionate about the truthfulness of the gospel. we're probably gonna start to teach her daughter and/ or her neighbor. w00t. 

stake conference is coming up! area seventy coming probably! some more people on baptism date for this month! busy! 

another thing kinda funny is that the mama's in our ward. our ward is split in two cuz it's a geographically huge area and we couldn't possibly handle the whole thing. so we made two separate dinner feed-the-missionaries-if-you-want calendars which im pretty sure has never been done before. anywho. the calendars are posted up at the church and one mama signed up and immediately bragged about it to everyone. and then some more people signed up. heheh people are the best.

also our solar got fixed! so our fridge works! and our washer! and we don't have to use candles anymore! huzzah!

that's all for now. 

elder hyatt vi

bought a sd card reader but it doesn't work. sorry. maybe next week. 
jk this week thanks companion

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