Sunday, June 4, 2017

ups and downs dead or alive

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hi friends. 

so one day this week it rained allllllll night and then in the morning it was nothing but MUD and flipflops with mud makes my pants really dirty. but! didn't fall down again. so that was nice.

this week was pretty great. got to spend a whole day with the celestial light of a seventy's tutelage/ testimony. and that seventy just happened to be my former stake president! and he made a bunch of references to how awesome texas is during his trainings! and i felt a lil awk but it's all good. 

so the one thing that's really different about vanuatu vs the US is that the family is like CENTRAL to social life. so like. cousins. great aunts. second cousins in laws. all are family and they all know your business and you know all of their business. so this week there was a old grandma(?) of the big tanna family and like. almost all of our investigators are somehow tied to this family. so the second news spread of the death all program/schedule besides work(maybe) is suspended to respect the customs of someone who just died. which is very respectful and all but people don't really wanna see the missionaries when they're grieving.

cool story that happened. we walk up to a house that we're pretty sure is a member's house. some kids are playing in the yard. we were going to hopefully find/ teach some less active members of the church. but one of the kids (10 to 12 year olds)asks us. 'do you wanna teach a non member?' and we're kinda suprised and say. uhm... yes? he then points us to his friend who has already been coming to church and wants to get baptized. now we're teaching him. true story. #miracle #whatarethechances #etas #efatezone #southefatedistrict #squad 

ahem. sorry. anywho. 'nother cool thing that happened this week. the ward mission leader! he just got called and he's super stoked about the work and so are we and yeah. it's great. 

i only got 9 monies left!!!!! gahhhhhhhhhhhhh why does time go so fast!!!!!!!!!!!! 

scatterbrained email from a scatterbrained elder

that's all for now.
elder hyatt vi 

sad story my camera battery like. stopped working? i dunno if it's the whole camera but it just. stopped. idk why. so most of my pix for this week are agonna come from my comp's camera. 

1.      my comp on p days
2.      closest thing to a mall food court in vanuatu. you can buy a burger meal for like. 750 vatu
3.      crackin some coconuts with a pioneer of etas! she's great
4.      filling out a baptism record
5.      what chu lukin at
6.      dont fall dont fall dont fall
7.      w/ Elder Gifford Nielsen
8.      everyone

WHEN I SHOOK HIS HAND HE ASKED ME WHERE IM FROM AND I SAID SUGARLAND AND HE REMEMBERED and he checked my nametag and he was like omg elder hyatt – how’s the family???
and i took a pic with him and my comp photobombed us. he's great. on #fire with the seventy's flame! really great to hear him talk./
love ya he told me i had to tell you he said hi.


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