Friday, June 2, 2017

don't walk. run. and then slip and fall on your butt in the mud. (i wasn't actually running tho)

Sent: Sunday, May 28, 2017 5:49 PM (MDT)
           Monday, May 29, 2017 10:49 AM (Vanuatu)

sup friends. how's life.

life with me is all good! as you could maybe expect, i get along pretty well with my first white companion! the last missionaries that worked in this area did a lotttt of work and at the beginning of this week they gave a list of return appointments that we had to go to. the only problem is we have no idea where they live. 

so we played where's waldo with names and vague locations. actually pretty successful. found most of them. the ones who wanted to be found at least. and yeah! so the last missionaries that left this area had 4 investigators on date for this past Saturday so! we had some baptisms two days ago! 

there's this one mama that worked with us a ton this week. the relief society president of our ward. so. we didn't know where this one house was so we asked her to show us where it is so i thought she'd show us the house then she'd go back home. but no! we went and she proselyted with us for like the whole day! and at one point. we're very carefully walking along the side of the road (whole road is nothing but a foot of thick soft mud) clinging to the shrubs. and she talks to her cousin in tanna language (sounds nothing like any language i know. good night is towiddalanaiyuu) and her cousin asks in that language, can they come teach me and my family?  y.y.yes ma'am yes we can how about right now. 

super stoked about the area and this transfer and so much work to do and so little time and the members love us and and and yeah. 

my former stake pres(elder s gifford neilson) is gonna come and give training this week! area presidency special training thing! yeah!!!!!!!! so stoked. anyway.

gotta look up. 
too blessed to be stressed.
that's all for now.

elder hyatt vi

1.         the chapel(yes theres no power only solar)
2.         my house behind the chapel
3.         my companion in my lil house
4.         hey. hey. ya got a lil somethin there.
5.         when the white man pulls out the camera everyone gets camera shy
6.         he was delicious
7.         all the baptisms from etas this week
8.         dat photo bomb doe

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