Saturday, June 24, 2017

flirt to convert

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         Monday, June 19, 2017 11:59 AM (Vanuatu)

hah! just kidding. 

this week went by really quick and i have a feeling this next week is gonna go quick too. 

went on exchanges with the zone leaders! and they have a truck! made me miss my old red truck that i drove back in santo... :'( i'll miss you big red. anywho. the zone leader that i went on exchanges with is elder piol! when he and his batch got off the plane the travel elders dumped them at our house! and i went on splits with him for like 2 days before his plane to santo! so being comps back with him for like a day was deja vu! so great and we taught 8 lessons in one day! them zl's are on fire! 

so you guys remember mama lona? she was baptized like a week or two ago. so now we're teaching her daughter and she's literally the best. like she's read every chapter we've given her to read from the book of mormon and she is absorbing the doctrine and feeling the spirit like a sponge! she's the best. i already said that. we have a family house night with them tonight. such a amazing lil family.

so! we made a dinner appointment calendar of sorts to try and meet all the members like members who wanna feed us can sign up. a thing that's like literally everywhere in the US but it's not here. but! it's the best cuz we've been eating with members a lot more and im getting #fat. they give us a mountain literally every time. and it's kinda rude to not finish it. but i finish it every time! im not a #quitter! when i eat icecream i throw away the lid! lol jk i don't eat ice cream. cuz it's fetchin expensive and i'd rather eat pancakes and good bread than have ice cream. #priorities. why am i talking about this. 

do you guys wanna hear a funny story? well i don't have time to wait for you to reply so i'll tell you anyway. so. in tanna (island that is - in the southern most province of vanuatu and has a very active volcano) they have a custom that whenever a girl has her first period. they cut down some banana trees and cut up the ends on the tree into basically a flog. and then they flog the girl with the cut up banana tree until her whole back is all swollen. i asked a bunch of different members from tanna and also some of our investigators are from there and they were all like. yep. i remember that, yep yep. customs here really confuse me sometimes. 

i should probably put some doctrine or quote or something in here. this week we've been teaching the plan of salvation a lot. but that's not how i like to refer to it. i've felt the spirit a lot this week testifying about how it's the plan of happiness. that through a correct understanding of said plan, we can have happiness and peace in this life despite all the challenges that we face all the time. 'i am the way the truth and the light' the atonement of christ is so amazing. i'm so grateful to have been able to feel it's effect in my life and see how it has been able to effect the lives of my investigators. 

yep. that's all for now.

my comp had a sd card reader that works that was basically gathering dust! so. pictures!!!!
1.      bird named westcoast
2.      you can do it elder west!
3.      my zone leader is the best zone leader
4.      challenge:build a house out of nothing but bamboo and nails. 
5.      unpleasant find
6.      whattttt
7.      parkour! in the dark! 

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