Monday, July 17, 2017

cool pictures and cool people.

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hi friends. i forgot my card reader at the house so. no cool pictures this week. just cool stories about people i've met.

so. last sunday. for those of you unfamiliar with the mormon concept/doctrine/belief of fasting. we leave food and drink for 2 meals 24 hours total. really great stuff. cleanses the gi tract and brings better spirituality for the time of fasting. ect. so sunday while fasting i was honestly walking around kinda like a zombie from appointment to appointment. all appointments finished, on the road back to our house to break the fast and eat!
but! my amazing companion elder west was much more wary of his surroundings and promptings of the spirit and as we were walking a dude just happened to get out of a bus like. right in front of us. me longing for water/food. but! this dude. his name is jubilee. he and elder west start a lil conversation and we decide to follow him back to his house so we could begin teaching him!

this guy is amazing.  so so so prepared. like. i've never met someone even in vanuatu who progressed as fast as this guy is. kinda heartbreaking religious history. but we did our best to answer his questions and he used the seed of faith that he had to read the book of mormon. we came back taught him again and he has fewer questions. then the third time we go and teach him. he says(rough bislama to english translation).
 'i feel like i can't have any questions. i feel this is true. i can't deny it. i know the things that you two are sharing is true.' 
*heart eyes* yes! someone finally gets it! this guy is amazing. he's 24 and i could honestly even now before he's even been baptized. see him serving a mission. he would be such a great missionary. i am so so so grateful that i was able to fast and endure and meet this gem of a guy. he's gonna get baptized on the 22nd. 

another is mama salome. (pronounced sallo may) she's a convert of two years to this church and she loves. missionary work. through her we've come to teach more people than honestly any other member my whole mission. she has a lot of extended family who lives in etas and she knows all of the members so she is a invaluable resource of missionary fire! she reminds me of my mom and she's the best. rivaled only by mama lona our recent convert who is also amazing. mama lona worked in a restaurant for 25 years and so her life revolves around food either selling it or making it. and we just pop by to try and see her neighbor or something. not even her directly. but without fail every time. 'bae yufala kakae smol afta jus sta go mekem wok bakegan' or in english. 'you will eat some food and then go visit other people.' she's the best. the people of etas are the best ever. i will probs cry when i have to leave these people. they're like my family now. :'(

had a really dope district activity. went in a bus and went around the whole island of efate. lots of cool pix. also the william family(i'll talk about them when they get baptized it will probs be a whole email in and of it's self to tell the story of their awesomeness) from eratap has offered to show us to a cool lil island just off the coast of efate. so. next p day is gonna be a party!!!! 

this place is so amazing. life is so amazing. don't you waste a second of it. 

that's all for now. 

elder hyatt vi

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