Sunday, July 2, 2017

gut blong bullock, laundry in the cave and MEGA FHE

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         Monday, June 26, 2017 10:06 AM (Vanuatu)

just looked through my pix for this week and wow lots of stuff this week. 

we had stake conference this week! a dude named elder robert g dudfield(?) came and gave some great talks! and i saw a lot of my friends from previous areas! and the senior missionaries are in vila for a conference with the mission pres so i got to see elder and sister anderson too! they are the coolest old people ever. they so great. also at the end of stake conference found out that some of the mama's in our ward brought food! and a crap ton of it! so we and all of the ward that actually came feasted! it was amazing.

all the people i'm working with are amazing. i love every single one of them. and it's so hard cuz i wanna visit and teach and help and talk with and hang out with every one of them but there ain't time for that. is actually really tragic. so much love. they're all so amazing. ok i'll only share one of the people im working with. his name is nixon. he was baptized when he was like. 12. the only member in his family cuz vanuatu has a weird custom of sending the kids to a new church and then the parents join later. anywho. he moved but his records didn't and he kinda got forgotten and we're teaching him and his family and seeing the light light up in his eyes. and seeing his family starting to support him. so great.

so the gut blong bullock. we're walking to a investigator's house and there's a lil roadside market with a 14 year old girl selling food for her bus fare to school. the food she's selling. some sorta organ of a cow. no idea which one no idea how they cooked it but. 100 vatu for one. #doitforthevine
it actually wasn't that bad. just really hairy and chewy. 

we found a sickkkkk cave! and like no tourist know about it cuz all the mama's use it to wash their clothes at cuz it's a river that caused the cave and so we went and it's freaking legit. if you look at it from one angle it kinda looks like a eye. but a angry eye. mad eye cave. yes. i just found and named a cave. 😎

last story. we had a family house night with our recent convert mama lona. and we told her to invite a friend or two cuz her family is just her and her one daughter. well. 30 people showed up and were waiting for us when we showed up. almost completely mamas and pikininis but it was amazing. 

that's all for now!

elder hyatt vi

1.      MAD EYE CAVE
2.      AHHHHHH
3.      gasp! a horse let's feed it water
4.      young business woman. and her gut blong bullock
5.      MEGA FHE
6.      p day food run 
7.      stake conference! this was one of 2 tents as well as inside the stake center

8.      post stake conf feast

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