Sunday, July 2, 2017

so we were walking down the road and then...

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         Monday, July 03, 2017 11:29 AM (Vanuatu)

literally all of the good stuff that happened this week started like that. 

we were walking down the road in a part of our area that we had never been to on account of it's considerable walking distance from the chapel. but some referrals from some members and missionaries prompted us to make the trip! eratap! it's really great there. it's pretty far away from the main road so it's really quiet and calm and all the people live a very simple life. simple but really really happy. probably the happiest bunch of people i've met on my mission. and so we were walking down the road trying to find this dude who wants us to come teach him and! he was waiting for us at the (sorta) main road! which is like a 30 min walk from his house! he went out of his way 30 mins and waited for us for who knows how long just to hear the gospel. amazing. 

so we went and taught him and then upon walking back to the main road my comp wanted to take a pic of the sunset. so we did. and continued walking and a mama that had just barely turned down the road that we were walking down is like. 'where do you guys go to church?' out of the blue! turns out this mama was taught by sister missionaries before but moved to eratap and hadn't seen missionaries since! her name was mary and there was another mama in eratap that we were trying to go see whose name was also mary. we thought they were the same person and basically. 'sweet we found her don't gotta walk around any more' but. they are two very different people and we never woulda found the mama mary we bumped into unless we had bumped into her on the road. dude. duuuude. too much coincidence to not be divine intervention of some sort. what if we hadn't stopped for 2 mins to take pix? what if their names weren't both mary???  (if they weren't we probs woulda hurried on down to other mary) 

and i had like 3 other experiences just like that this week. 🙏🙌

transfers came this week! im staying! and im glad im staying! great comp great area and great mission!!! yeah! 

other stuff happened too but it's lots of background and im not feelin it.. sorry friends. 

that's all for now! 

1.      accurate representation of stake baptisms
2.      the girl in the purple shirt is my convert. ran out of baptismal clothes. had to re use

3.      vanuatu. 

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